Parents, watch-aficionados watch out! These Flik Flak watches are the best starter drugs for your kids

Shouldn´t your kids later also love mechanical watches? Shouldn´t they be able to read time from a traditional watch? Do you also think that the future is not a sort of iWatch? Yes? Then click here…

I am personally convinced that we should keep the tradition and inspire our kids to wear a classical watch. This is what I did with my daughter and today she loves mechanical watches. The future on the wrist is not a sort of iWatch, nor any other digital computer! The place on our wrist must stay free for classical watches! It´s up to you young parents to set the first steps or to influence your friends and neighbors to do so. Have a look at these new Flik Flak collections and then ask yourself: Isn´t it much sexier to see such kind of watches on the wrists of our kids?

Here in brief are all the information you need, just in case you don´t know Flik Flak yet…

Swiss made? 

Flik Flak watches are resistant to shocks, water and scratches thanks to their plastic glass. The watches are manufactured in Switzerland in colored plastic materials with a polishable plastic glass. Their precision comes from their Swiss-made quartz movement. Those with a fabric strap can be machine-washed at a temperature of up to 40ºC.

The new collections…

The new Funny Hours 2013 collection from Flik Flak blazes in vibrant colors lends wings to the imagination and opens the door to dreams inspired by a world that grown-ups have all but forgotten. Before the children discover the watch itself, their marveling eyes will betray their eagerness to cradle its holder in their little hands; they can also use it as a pencil case or a box in which to keep their little treasures. When they open it, they will be greeted with the additional surprise that the watch comes with a brightly colored ruler.

How old is Flik Flak? 

Flik Flak, the most widely sold watch for children worldwide, has been giving time to the world’s youth since 1987. It’s the first brand of children’s watches to have made learning to tell the time both easy and fun.

To whom belongs Flik Flak?

Flik Flak is a brand of the Swatch Group. As you know the largest manufacturer and distributor of watches in the world, with 160 production sites in Switzerland.

Each of these Flik Flak models shown here costs either 30, 35 or 40 Euros including 20 % VAT in Austria.


Here are the new collections… Have fun discovering these watches! (You can enlarge all the pictures by clicking on them once and then again)


Away with grey: the dial and case of the new “Cute-Size” collection – specially designed for children from 3 to 5 years of age – emerge from their cocoon in an explosion of color resembling tangy sweets, attracting the eye as much as the touch! And they are equally to the taste of parents: always simple and easy to read.

And they even change as they follow the children in their play!




The “Preschool” line for ages 5 to 7 confirms that fashion is not just for grown-ups. Boys and girls today have no fear of showing who they are and what they like, while remaining cool. With their assertive colors and thematic designs.

It’s time to show that the kids are growing up!

690 x 2845 690 x 2845 690 x 2845 690 x 2845 690 x 2845 690 x 2845 690 x 2845 690 x 2845 690 x 2845 690 x 2845


By 7 years of age, kids already have their group of friends, work hard at school, play hard and are aware of all the latest trends. Girls know they want watches with nothing to hide, in flashy colors, whereas boys prefer bright colors teamed with simplicity. The new “Full-Size” line is adorned with revolving bezels and a strap made from the soft material TPU, which is pleasant to wear and to touch.

At this age, time is no longer a laughing matter!

754 x 2905 754 x 2900 754 x 2900 755 x 2900 749 x 2901 740 x 2956 740 x 2956 746 x 2959 740 x 2955 746 x 2958










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