Patek Philippe: To maintain similar prices in most markets the following changes to the retail prices will be realized tomorrow

After the SNB decision Patek Philippe has decided to change the retail prices of its products as follows …


Switzerland: decrease by 5 %

EUR countries: increase by 7 %

Great Britain: unchanged

Asia-Pacific: decrease by 3 % ( 7% in Hong Kong)

Japan: increase by 5 %

Americas: decrease by 7 %


This is in my eyes a logical and necessary step to do so. Rolex also reacted by increase the prices by 7 % in the EUR countries and many, many others will now follow. As far as I know prices in the EUR countries will go up mostly by 7 %. To decrease prices in other markets would be a correct reaction, but I am not sure if all companies act as Patek Philippe does.

I´ll keep you updated!





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