There is a new poll online! Four AAA-watch-brands … Is this true? Please choose up to three of the statements (every combination is possible) and “vote”

Please validate up to three of the statements and “vote” for you favorite combination. How do you perceive them? Let me know!

This poll is a little different. I present you four very prestigious watch brands and I want you to distinguish them for me.

Which brand is the most prestigious?

Which one scores with the best design?

Which one is very innovative?


These are your possible choices:

A. Lange & Söhne is the most prestigious watch brand

A. Lange & Söhne scores with the best design

A. Lange & Söhne is very innovative

Breguet is the most prestigious watch brand

Breguet scores with the best design

Breguet is very innovative

Patek Philippe is the most prestigious watch brand

Patek Philippe scores with the best design

Patek Philippe is very innovative

Vacheron Constantin is the most prestigious watch brand

Vacheron Constantin scores with the best design

Vacheron Constantin is very innovative


You may combine up to three answers or give your three votes to just one brand. Depending on how you personally perceive candidates.

But please do not vote right here, but instead at the right side under the section “POLL”.

The results will be VERY interesting since we should get a clear answer how you guys set your preferences.

So please take some time, think about the watches, the design, the innovations and how you and your friends see the brand.

Thank you for voting as numerous as possible!



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  • My heart beats for A. Lange & Söhne – even from a certain distance 🙂
    In every category…
    It’s the details I like…

  • I voted for Patek most prestigious and Lange best design and most innovative. I have watches from Patek, Lange and Vacheron. I dont think Vacheron and Breguet are in the same league as Patewk and Lange. Patek watches are amazingly fine. No show off but details and quality are outstanding. They work extremely well and not too big. Patek is the champion of classical watches like Calatrava and of Annual Calendars. No real competition from the others on these. The world time watch is the most clever system of multi time zone watches in my view.Lange is a different but equally appealing world. Owning a Lange is like coming back on time to the court of Saxony in Dresden. The watches are the most beautiful watches in the world in particular on their back! Most of Lange are hand wound whereas a lot of Patek are self winding.Lange is also very innovative with off centered dials and hands and things of incredible thinking like the Lange Zeitwerk that no other watchmakers produce!
    Vacheron has some very beautiful designs magnified by size. Their watches are bigger on average than Patek so if you have a very big wrist or like big watches they may be the one to go.Their Quay de l’ile collection mixing metals is very innovative.I am less convinced by experience of VC reliability compared to Patek and Lange unfortunately.

  • My opinion is almost identical to mr. D’Artagnan. The most simple thing not talking about technology is the fact that I like more the greater size calibers and this is done better by Lange. Until then i’ll wait for the money to collect to buya Lange. Cheers people

  • Patek Philippe definitely has a much deserved reputation both historically and currently. But being an owner of both Patek and Lange, I can say specifically to my own watch wearing perspective, that Lange has a more considered and elaborate movement design and by a hair beats out Patek in the design department. I have spoken with my other collector friends and they feel the same way. Patek is legend, no doubt about it, but the Germanic ethos embodied in the Langes is, in my opinion, second to none.

  • Keep up the excellent reporting Alexander luv it!

    Patek Philippe is the most prestigious watch brand

    A. Lange & Söhne scores with the best design

    Breguet is very innovative

  • A. Lange & Söhne is the most prestigious watch brand

    A. Lange & Söhne scores with the best design

    A. Lange & Söhne is very innovative

    To me A. Lange & Sohne are the most beautiful watches in the world,
    a true work of art… Patek is too comertial now to be call “A work of art”.

    Greetings Mr Linz. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Prestige: no doubt PP (overpriced but best resell value, imho too small watches for men); innovation: Breguet; design: Breguet(they follow their line of the “heroic” past combined with stunning innovations).

  • I like your online polls and always take part in it.

    Your present poll is really exciting!

    Thanks Alexander!!!

  • 1. Most prestigious – PATEK PHILIPPE
    2. Most innovative – A. LANGE & SOEHNE
    3. Best designs – BREGUET & A. LANGE & SOEHNE

  • An interesting test but the results will be skewed as a result of the countries where the respondents live. For example,in the US, among those who can afford them, Patek is considered by many to be the most prestigious while in France Vacheron, Audemars or Cartier would probably lead. I have no idea how these brands rank in Switzerland but at one time Rado (pre-Swatch) was the brand most Swiss bought. In North America I am willing to bet that if the public was asked Rolex would come out as tops.

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