Porsche Design skilfully stages the renaissance of its watches. Let me tell you what´s going on…

Porsche Design P'6510 Heritage Black Chronograph from the Original 7303

Let´s not look back what happened during the era of Eterna with Porsche Design timepieces, let´s look forward. The brands real heritage is the base for the restart.


Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who made design history with the Porsche 911 in 1963, founded the brand Porsche Design.

Professor F.A. Porsche


In 1972 F. A. Porsche developed his first item for Porsche Design: the legendary Chronograph I.

This was the world‘s first pure matt black watch!


Porsche Design P'6510 Heritage Black Chronograph from the Original 7303
Porsche Design P’6510 Heritage Black Chronograph from the Original 7303


F. A. Porsche said: “Black is the only colour that does not divert from the form.”

If we look around today and we see how many black watches are on the market, F. A. Porsche´s watch was a milestone in the history of the watch industry.

Eight year later F.A. Porsche surprises watch experts again with another unusual idea: a watch made entirely of titanium.

F.A. Porsche said: “Design is always connected to technology.”

As we all know this first titanium watch was realized together with IWC in Schaffhausen. And we have to admit that this was another milestone in the history of the watch industry.


Porsche Design P'6530 Heritage from the Original 6928 done with IWC
Porsche Design P’6530 Heritage from the Original 6928 done with IWC


Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche ….




Guys, do you also remember this legendary Porsche Design / IWC timepiece?

Porsche Design P'6520 Heritage Compass Watch from the Original 7087 done together with IWC
Porsche Design P’6520 Heritage Compass Watch from the Original 7087 done together with IWC


Now after Porsche Design successfully separated from Eterna (for more detailed information click HERE and HERE) the brand is staging the renaissance of its timepieces. Porsche Design goes back to its roots and the heritage of the brand and is taking over full responsibility for its timepieces category by founding a dedicated watch manufacturing company in Switzerland. Respecting to the motto of the founder F. A. Porsche: “If we wanted something, we had to make it ourselves.”

So what can we expect?

Porsche Design explained me: “The principles behind product design by F. A. Porsche – clean lines and uncompromising high quality – set the base for design objects since 1972, beyond changing fashions and trends. Today they are more relevant than ever before and are the basis for the first independently developed watch by Porsche Design, engineered to meet exactly the same standards that F. A. Porsche had set for his Chronograph I: perfect readability, technical perfection, high quality materials, pure design with clear focus on functionality. Matt black. Titan. Implemented with the technical possibilities of the new millennium and the ambition to meet the highest standards. To make a statement – just like in 1972.”


>>> On page 2 you see the very first two new Porsche Design timepieces  >>>


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  • Well,after waiting for some time for Porsche Design to show us something new,it looks like the hit the nail on the head.
    These are very handsome watches indeed.I hope they have a matching bracelet available.Which,for the price,should be included in the box. Value and uniqueness is what I hope to see from PD in the future.I can’t wait to see them in person.

  • Wenn dies alles ist was von der einst so innovativen Marke Porsche Design noch übrig ist, dann sollte man es besser sein lassen, oder aber andere Designer verpflichten.

    Zudem sind die Preise für diese Uhren völlig absurd.
    Bei anderen Marken bekommt man für weniger Geld schon weitaus bessere Uhren, und dies nicht nur aus beschichtetem Titan, sondern gar aus Ceramic.

    Ich sehe daher keine Zukunft für diese Marke, wenn dies alles ist was man kann.

  • Poor guys who buy this over a 1887 or 9300 calibre watch. Design is completely absent (read: generic) and the price is just completely wrong.

  • These new Porsche Design watches look great and though these watches are not very cheap, I think new Porsche Design watches will be popular among watch-lovers.

  • Well if Porsche catches on one more time in watches those pieces will be worth nicely in 20 years. 5000 euro for a limited edition of 500, add to that it is a relaunch of the brand? Nice!

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