Pre-Baselworld 2015: Erwin Sattler launches a pocket watch

Erwin Sattler pocket watch

Clock manufacturer Erwin Sattler is well known for his stunning precision pendulum clocks manufactured in Germany. I invite you to discover his first pocket watch..


Limited to 30 and 50 pieces, this ticking piece of jewellery from the clock manufacturer Erwin Sattler is an beautiful companion that is just as fascinating as it was 100 years ago. It also marks an innovative new approach taken by the company – the production of small clock cases. The solid 750 rose gold case is manufactured entirely in the Gräfelfinger manufacture located near München in Germany.

Erwin Sattler pocket watch
Erwin Sattler pocket watch


Richard Müller, Co-Owner of Erwin Sattler told me: “Alexander, the extremely precious ‘heart’ is the antique Minerva manual winding calibre dating back to around 1920. The already stunning qualities of the components used at that time have thus been brought into the modern era with a stylish and contemporary flair. However, some parts of the core of the old movement have still been worked on by hand and improvements incorporated. The last missing jewel bearingE has been added by means of a screwed-in centre wheel Chaton and the delicately worked swan-neck fine adjustment means that the pocket watch can now also be finely adjusted in style. Both of these components have been entirely handcrafted in our manufacture, from design to production.”

Erwin Sattler pocket watch
Erwin Sattler pocket watch


Visual highlights include full skeletisation, the engravings and the guilloche motifs on the filigree movement. These provide a fantastic view of the microcosmos of this mechanical masterpiece.


  • Antique Minerva pocket watch from 1920, modified
  • Screw balance with Breguet-style spring
  • Domed, anti-reflective sapphire crystal on the front and rear
  • Sold silver dial with regulator display

Rose gold version

  • Movement parts with hand-crafted skeletisation, engravings and guilloche motifs
  • Optional: Watch chain made from solid 750 rose gold
  • Limited to 30 pieces, individually numbered

Silver rhodium-plated version

  • Movement plates with Geneva stripes
  • Optional: Watch chain made from solid rhodium-plated silver
  • Limited to 50 pieces, individually numbered


Diameter 61 mm, height 14 mm





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5 replies on “Pre-Baselworld 2015: Erwin Sattler launches a pocket watch”
  1. says: david hardy

    This closely resembles the wristwatch, at least in the dial design. The wristwatch is not available in the US according to Wempe although I imagine they could get you one. Sattler’s products are exceptional.

  2. says: Dartagnan

    Erwin Sattler clocks are just magnificent! I’m sure that the pocket watch will be equally desirable and beautiful to behold.

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