Richemont Update: New CEO for Montblanc and new CEO for IWC appointed.

Nicolas Baretzki will follow Jérôme Lambert as CEO of Montblanc and Christoph Grainger, Georges Kern as CEO of IWC. Stay tuned there is more to come …

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  • I have been in many IWC and Montblanc butiques around the world, feel JL and GK have put their heart and soul to get people through the front door, doing an excellent job, the 100 Swiss
    Franc note printing manufacture is running at full capacity, Mr Rubert should be happy with their performance, now they are fired why?

      • I disagree with Mr Rubert decision to remove JL and GK from their posts, this means that he can’t hire a private plane to South Africa to play around of golf with his best friend Ernie Else any more. You informed JL and GK have been promoted, from Richemont statement it looks they have been promoted to positions as tee boys.

  • Anything new or to add on this very specific topic, ( there is more to come….) seems that there are some people moving around within the company…..

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