Rolex is Celebrating Cinema. And how!

Please watch this one minute-long compilation titled “Celebrating Cinema” that was aired the first time yesterday for the 89th Academy Awards. Rolex has become official partner/sponsor of the Oscars. Simply stunning! 


The only thing you need are pictures, moving pictures and stars. This is by far one of the best clips about watches I have seen for a long time!


Congratulations Rolex!


Some days ago Rolex announced its sponsorship of the 89th Academy Awards.

This is part of an unannounced but larger deal that gave Rolex access to the archives of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), which organises the Oscars.

The first result of that partnership is this one minute-long compilation titled “Celebrating Cinema”. The clip includes Paul Newman, Harrison Ford, Dennis Hopper, Jim Carrey, Marlon Brando, and Bill Paxton. 




  • Believe me this is only the beginning! We will see some dramatic changes and also bankruptcies after BASELWORLD 2017. For some brands this is the last chance! About 60 brands did not show up at BASELWORLD this year…

        • I think we should be worried more about suppliers, if they come down the entire chain is going to be totally dominated by a few big companies and that would mean the end of Swiss watchmaking as such.

  • I’m curious what is Rolex going to show at Baselworld 2017; probably some new steel models to propel the sales.

      • :)) the “luxury” market for heavily overpriced precious metal watches deflated, even the Asia lost their “bling” craze.
        Rolex is holding much better than the rest, still, the used watches prices made of precious metals show in all extent how bad the market is.

        Steel Rolex had always a very strong market position, both new and used, and I suspect that Rolex is going to capitalize on this.

        • Today the “luxury” watch market is heavily overpriced. Compared to other industries … OMG! No luxury car got so expensive, no XYZ … The watch industry will have to define itself again!

          • They just finished re-defining themselves, they are all about ” collectibles” :))) you know, similar to those the supermarkets used to push around 😀 only the watch industry is for a more elusive clientele :))

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