SIHH 2016: Interview with Charlie Torres, CEO Vacheron Constantin

Charly Torres, CEO Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin presented the new Overseas Collection here at the SIHH and you were among the first to see it. The CEO will now tell more about this iconic watch.


Charlie Torres is a tough-minded businessman but always good for a joke 🙂  You will know what I mean when you start listening to my interview.

He and his team deserve my full respect, since the new Overseas really is beautiful. But also in terms of technology the new collection is interesting …



Charly Torres, CEO Vacheron Constantin
Charlie Torres, CEO Vacheron Constantin








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6 replies on “SIHH 2016: Interview with Charlie Torres, CEO Vacheron Constantin”
  1. says: Mike Home

    Great Interview with a smart CEO! The new Oversea is a beautiful and the launch plan seems nothing short of spectacular! Seems they have a lot of confidence in their new movements.

  2. says: Hans

    Excellent interview.

    From travelling around the world, I see one clear trend young people don’t wear a watch anymore as their mobile phone is their watch, unlikely they will buy when they become older.

  3. says: Thomas

    Yes Alex just saw it. Thanks a lot. What a fantastic watch. Two questions; 1. Prices 2. Saw on your pic as well as on their webpage only Stainless steel and leather bracelet; correct? No rubber?

  4. says: Thomas

    Great interview. Why not show us the new collection so when we listen to the interview we can understand what you guys are talking.

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