SIHH 2016: Reporting will continue Monday. 

I will then have the pictures ready and of course much more. For today I do ask you to please accept that I need a day of rest after these really crazy days in Geneva. Thanks!

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  • Alex

    You are doing an excellent job, put your feet and enjoy some Tway 10 years old Taylor port wine.

  • Dear Alexander, i totally understand, you really put a lot of work in telling us, the readers of this great blog, everything about the SIHH. Enjoy this day of silence… Thank you.

  • Thanks for all your hard work Alex. Enjoy a beer! and get some rest. It’s been an interesting ride following your great adventure at SIHH.

  • Alex,
    You deserve it. I listened to all the recordings with high interest. They were interesting, sometimes very amusing – simply excellent!
    Well done!

    By the way: I still wait for the photo with the purple jacket …

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