After SIHH and Baselworld, what are the most looked-for and wanted wristwatch novelties 2013?

I was on the phone the last days asking round the globe some of the most important retailers always this one question. Here are the top three most looked-for and wanted wristwatch novelties of the year 2013.

To be honest, I was not surprised to get always exactly the same answers. Of course I expected these three brands and these particular models to rank among the top three. Honestly I could NOT find out which of the watches mentioned was the real number one, so I decided to name the top three most looked-for and wanted wristwatch novelties of the year 2013 in an alphabetical order.


Omega “Speedmaster Moonwatch Dark Side of the Moon”

Omega “Speedmaster Moonwatch Dark Side of the Moon”
Omega “Speedmaster Moonwatch Dark Side of the Moon”


Panerai “Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Power Reserve Bronzo”

Panerai “Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Power Reserve Bronzo”
Panerai “Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Power Reserve Bronzo”


Rolex “GMT”

Rolex “GMT”
Rolex “GMT”



These are the wristwatches also quite often mentioned by some of the retailers I talked to, but definitively they are not the high flyers 2013:

Again, this is of course an alphabetical order


A. Lange & Söhne “1815 AUF/AB”

A. Lange & Söhne “1815 AUF/AB”
A. Lange & Söhne “1815 AUF/AB”


Breitling “Transocean Chronograph GMT”



Cartier “Calibre de Cartier Chronograph”

Cartier “Calibre de Cartier Chronograph”
Cartier “Calibre de Cartier Chronograph”


Nomos “Ahoi”

Nomos “Ahoi”
Nomos “Ahoi”


Omega “Seamastere Aqua Terra >15.000 Gauss”

Omega "Seamastere Aqua Terra >15.000 Gauss"
Omega “Seamastere Aqua Terra >15.000 Gauss”


Panerai “Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Ceramica”

Panerai “Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Ceramica”
Panerai “Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Ceramica”


Tudor “Heritage Chrono Blue”

Tudor “Heritage Chrono Blue”


Zenith “Montre d´Aeronef Type 20 GMT Baron Rouge”

Zenith “Montre d´Aeronef Type 20 GMT Baron Rouge”
Zenith “Montre d´Aeronef Type 20 GMT Baron Rouge”


I wondered why none of the retailers outlined a model from Patek Philippe. The reason is simple: This year Patek Philippe did not present a real thrilling novelty, but a lot of little enhancements on existing models. Next year Patek Philippe is celebrating its 175th anniversary and all the collectors do wait for a real firework of novelties.

Also other major brands were not mentioned particularly, since there is a steady ongoing request for some of the novelties but no real trend and/or high flyer to see…


Are you surprised? Let me know what you think…







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23 replies on “After SIHH and Baselworld, what are the most looked-for and wanted wristwatch novelties 2013?”
  1. says: Jason1

    Alex, do you think rolex will do a steel version of the Daytona in the new colours? Would make it a bit more affordable although my favourite brand seems to be getting beyond the reach of even well off watch lovers.

    1. No, Rolex will not do that. Rolex will still artificially shorten the delivery of the two steel models and try instead to sell more expensive Daytona’s …

  2. says: Paul.A

    One you missed and it belongs in the top 3:
    REF : CAR2A80.FC6237
    With: Black Carbide coated Titanium Body and clasp. Black Gold Arabic numerals and hands + not to mention the famous Calibre 1887!

    Look at this watch and see style,class and contrast plus light weight material all rolled into one. Cheers!

    1. Paul this is not my list! the Carrera is for sure a cool watch but not among the high flyers in the retail. The top three are the mostly wanted watches, the ones that customers ask for …

  3. says: Mezdis

    Alex, thanks for this interesting contribution!

    Personally, I am not surprised to see the Omega and the Rolex in the top three. I think that you get quite a lot of watch and good materials for the money you spend on these two.
    But I am really surprised to see the Panerai Bronzo watch among them. It is hard to believe for me that this is a model that is so much asked for because, generally, I can hardly see Panerais “in the wild”. And especially, because bronze is not the best choice for a watch case material.

    1. Collectible and desired watches must not be seen in the wild. Those who want such an item know it anyway. In the wild there is a real “battle” going on to get on of those “Bronzo” from Panerai. It´s not about choosing the best case material, it´s about being different, rare, exclusive, … It´s about getting one…

  4. says: Jason1

    Interesting article. No mention of the new colour Daytona anniversary ?? Have got the new GMT on order but haven’t been given a delivery date !! Drip drip drip , rolex policy ?

  5. says: Tom A.

    I find the Zentih incredible in pictures, I am curious how it looks in real life.
    But I also wonder if it may be too “show off” for everyday use, it is almost a swiss luxury variant of a G-Shock !

  6. says: Big bird

    Sistem51, need I say more? 🙂 in a more serious tone, thanks again Alexander, for a thoughtful & impressive read. Abientôt

    1. I will be among the very first to explore the new Swatch Sistem 51 and I will post my impressions here on the blog. As soon this Swatch is then on the market I will follow all developments and also report. I am sure the Sistem 51 will be among the most desired mechanical watches of this year. But we still have to wait a while … À bientôt 🙂

  7. says: BermudaTriangle

    Hi Alexander. Thanks for yet another very interesting and probative survey. This one certainly brightly displays the refined horological tastes of the general watch-buying public.


    One watch on your list represents a true technical achievement (the Omega) and one represents a true value in a useful new model (the Nomos). Everything else is yet another retread of a big hunk of metal hung on the wrist displaying a complication mostly used to time burgers on the grill or the remaining time on one’s parking meter.

    JLC’s new ultra thin perpetual calendar (and its very attractively priced steel version) goes unmentioned. No mention of Breguet’s new magnetically suspended balance in their 10hz Classique Chronometrie 7727. Silence about Moser’s new dual time Nomad.

    Just to name a few.

    I guess the public is getting what it wants. Small wonder, then, that the makers are resorting to boutiques when this is all the independent retailers show an interest in carrying in their inventory.

    Just sad. Isn’t it?

    1. These watches shown reflect the actual desires of the average customer and not the distinguished taste of aficionados. A big interest of course is to be among the first to have one them on the wrist. And this will be the challenge, since the top three are quite hard to get. Rolex delivers only homeopathic doses, Omega has not even started delivering and the Panerai is sold out since months and not delivered yet.

      But one thing still is cool: Omega is getting more and more attractive and desired and this is something I personally like very much.

      1. says: BermudaTriangle

        Alexander, yes indeed – I totally agree, it is high time (pun intended) that Omega got out from the shadow of Rolex. Technology leading movements and attractive styling. The public is slowly becoming aware that Omega offers far more content, and far greater value.

        As for those other watches in public demand, yes I understand that the independent retailers have to stock what the public asks for. What a shame the public imagination is so limited when there are so many exceptional creations to be had. I hope that the limited range of demand doesn’t discourage the manufactures from continuing to produce the amazing variety of pieces that are out there today. Even if those exceptional pieces attract limited attention.

        Thanks again for an excellent and thought-provoking article. Best regards.

  8. says: Maurice

    Hi Alex Thank you for the Article.
    What about IWC and their new Ingenieur Collection…are they selling well ?

    1. None of the retailers I talked to mentioned any particular watch from IWC – sorry! Some of their watches are boutique-only editions and I did not call any brand boutiques. I doubt people working there would tell me the truth. I only called friends and long term partners in small & fine stores, in big & fine stores, in very big & fine stores and of course friends from big and huge chains. I know them and they tell me the truth.

  9. says: Stephen

    Hi Alex

    In my opinion 1 Omega

    2 Rolex

    3 Zenith

    The black watches are making a mark in this market

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