Swatch Grand Cru … The Swatch Spring – Summer Collection 2014

Arresting interpretations of contemporary trends and fashion themes give rise to eye-popping, exciting designs. Among them the very first models equipped with a NATO-strap. So cool!

Swatch makes a run for the sun with an assortment of new models in its Spring – Summer Collection 2014


The Swatch Spring Collection 2014 begins with the Classic theme, inspired by ideals of enduring elegance and beauty. Next up is Pastry Chefs, filled to overflowing with the soft, sweet colors of a candy shop. Summer Classics follows, a luminous theme lit by all sorts of shining, metallic surfaces. Spring then takes a very trendy turn in For the Love of Patterns, a fascinating theme illustrating the explosive diversity of micro-patterns and fabric prints.


The Swatch Summer Collection 2014 crashes in on the beaches of Islands Galore with a blast of bright colors and exhilarating energy. Finally, just up from the beach, the city’s heating up with Le Swatch Dream Urban, which says you look best in trend-wise camouflage and vibrant, post-modern collages.


Guys, this will be the most comprehensive overview of Swatch novelties I ever posted on the blog.

I believe that every one of you owns at least one or two Swatch, but after viewing these pictures I am sure you will probably want to buy another one … 🙂

All the Swatch shown here are driven by a Swiss quartz movement and 100% Swiss made. There are no new mechanical Sistem51 among them.

Let me tell you something: Swatch for me is the most relaxing way to wear a Swiss made watch; it´s cool and never embarrassing …


Let me first show you the Swatch Spring Collection 2014

I will start right away with the Swatch Classic collection that was launched January 23rd, 2014 …sa02_gr162 sa02_gt106 sa02_gw704 sa02_lb178 sa02_lk339_2 sa02_lk341g_2 sa02_sfb143 sa02_sfm127 sa02_suob710 sa02_suob711 sa02_suob713 sa02_surb113 sa02_surn104 sa02_susb402 sa02_susg401 sa02_susn403 sa02_svcr1000ag_2 sa02_svcv4000ag_2 sa02_ygs771g_2 sa02_ygs772g_2 sa02_ygs1008 sa02_ylg700g_2 sa02_yls712 sa02_yss284 sa02_yss285g_2 sa02_yss286g_2 sa02_yvs408 sa02_yvs410g_2 sa04_gb281


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7 replies on “Swatch Grand Cru … The Swatch Spring – Summer Collection 2014”
  1. says: Big Bird

    Fe, Fi, Fo, fun..Swatch St. Nick! Here’s looking at 12-14 % Swiss francs return.. Or maybe more. All robot built?

  2. says: Steve Cseplo

    There are some nice in in the new collection. I especially like the white and black with the slotted dial through which you could see the day and date rings. That one could easily find its way onto my wrist (if the strap is long enough for my now ample wrist).

    Been a Swatch fan since the 80’s.

    Now if the Sistem 51 could ever make it to the USA…. ‘-)

  3. says: Tom

    There are many playful watches on the market, yet many Swatch models still look more clean than most of the competition. To my knowledge, the only other equally attractive playful brand is the Belgium-designed and Japan quartz-powered Ice watch brand.
    By the way, i once had the lovely Automatic Swatch Irony Poisson Rouge, a prrfect mix of classical and fun design, google it for a picture!

  4. says: David

    Back to the design I loved Swatch for in the 80ies and still do: Very clear you can see hints back to models like Squiggly, Tickertape, Calafatti… just amazing!

  5. says: Charles Marshall

    Sorry, but I guess I’m just not a Swatch timepiece fan — don’t own one, and probably never will. “Swiss Made” is, of course, wonderful. But not enough to put one of these on my wrist.

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