Swatch Sistem51 Irony. Sistem51 goes metal. Discover the new Swatch Sistem51 Irony Collection (very important update in the comment section!)

Swatch Sistem 51 Irony
Swatch Sistem 51 Irony SISTEM BOREAL

That´s a real upgrade for the Swatch Sistem 51. Now the affordable, mechanical revolution of Swatch is available in a 316L-steel case. Swatch Sistem51 goes metal! Be among the very first to discover the new collection!


The first and most important news is, that the prices remain affordable. The new Swatch Sistem 51 Irony will be sold for 195 or 230 Euro including 20 % VAT depending on its execution. You may discover all details and prices on page two of my report.

What remains unchanged is the Swiss made mechanical movement of the Swatch by ETA. The new Sistem 51 Irony is fit with the same reliable mechanical calibre featuring one single central screw, a 90-hour power reserve, being protected by 17 pending patents and consisting of impressively low 51 total components as all other Sistem51 models.

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Swatch told me: “Alexander, for Swatch, Sistem51 Irony is a big step towards affordable, timeless automatic watches. Composed of seven exquisite models, Swatch moves upscale with rubber instead of silicone bands; superluminova index applications instead of print; fine, padded leather bands and metal. Lots of metal. The look is decidedly mature without being posh, while the contemporary openwork speaks to Swatch’s roots in creative design. For Swatch, Sistem51 Irony is ‘Swatch’ at its core, but open to the status of luxury.”


Swatch Sistem 51 Irony
Swatch Sistem 51 Irony


Swatch Sistem 51 Irony
Swatch Sistem 51 Irony SISTEM BOREAL


Swatch Sistem 51 Irony
Swatch Sistem 51 Irony SISTEM BOREAL


The openwork caseback design gives wearers a window to view the central screw, automatic rotor, oscillating balance wheel, as well as the rest of the 51 stylishly printed parts driving the self-winding, (battery-free!) timepiece. Sorry guys, I had to add battery-free, since many still believe all Swatch have a battery. Not this one!!!!!


Swatch Sistem 51 Irony SISTEM BOREAL
Swatch Sistem 51 Irony SISTEM BOREAL




>>> Switch to page 2 to discover the entire Swatch Sistem51 Irony Collection and all the prices of the watches >>>



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24 replies on “Swatch Sistem51 Irony. Sistem51 goes metal. Discover the new Swatch Sistem51 Irony Collection (very important update in the comment section!)”
  1. says: b p singh

    hi alexander
    thx – photo of the back of boreal watch is mesmerising.i couldnt help saying ‘wow’ thinking its a new watch dial with winder on left and was filled with euphoria of discovering a new crazy,exotic and revolutionary watch . how childish of me but i am watch crazy guy and am all for exciting dials. most prople buy watches for their beauty and not pay thousands for what kind if movement is inside.( except for the informed buyers). so through you i want convey to the makers why not try a new skeleton dial in which the whole movement-chain moves and which has no hands.

  2. says: Mike

    I have the two of the first four Sistem51’s: Sistem Black (already discontinued?) and Sistem Red. Both have given me more than acceptable accuracy. I really like the Sistem Boreal and will purchase one when available.

  3. says: David

    They look fantastic and remind me a little of the first automatic launch back in 1991. Classic design, simply beautiful. It remains to be seen how the look in real, but I am already sold. Thank you, Alexander, for sharing – it will be difficult for me to choose…

  4. says: Hans

    The new collection from Swatch looks like a high end luxury watch that cost 20000 USD, but only pay 200 USD. The benefit, you can change watch every year without breaking the bank.

    1. I disagree! The Swatch calibre will do fine for many years without the need of any service. I am sure everyone wants/deserves a new SISTEM51 afterwards… In case the SISTEm51 brakes Swatch will exchange the watch …

      1. says: Patrick

        For the same money you get e.g. a Zeppelin automatic with a robust Miyota Kal. 821A movement where you can open the stainless steel case adjust and service the parts if necessary or do the same with a even more reliable Seiko 5 with 100m water resistance. By the way I have a Swatch System 51 (plastic case) in my collection and the quality and accuracy is pretty poor. Whereas the 25 years old Swatch automatic with a serviceable ETA 2840 my wife has still in use works perfect.

        1. I just have updates coming directly from Swatch in Switzerland. After your comment I called them if something concerning the service ability changed and look what they told me:

          My questions where:

          · Is this new Sistem 51 Irony repairable at our customer service

          SISTEM51 IRONY is repairable at the authorized Swatch customer service centers, worldwide. The repairable parts are: movement, glass, hands, dial, back glass, crown.

          · Mineral or Saphire glas?

          The glasses of SISTEM51 IRONY are in injected plastic

          · The launch dates of the main countries

          E-comm launch date: August 25th. Worldwide Retail Launch: September 8th. Worldwide Wholesale launch: September 22nd.

          So I think now you can be more relaxed my friend!

          1. I would take literally and think repay means repair. If they in case exchange the entire movement or really repair I don’t know. But for you as a customer there is no more “disadvantage”. If your Sistem51 fails, you will get what you need

          2. says: Patrick

            I discussed this issue with my watchmaker today. The Sistem 51 movement is assembled by a fully automated processes and all bridges and plates are welded together. There is just one single screw to fix the rotor. There is no way to disassemble the movement to service or change any parts. Another issue you have to take into account is the escapement. The anchor as well as the anchor wheel for the Sistem 51 movement are made from plastic. The robustness and resistance against abbrasive wear is lower (and it is cheaper) than having a traditional anchor wheel made from steel and a anchor with two jewels, that would work for decades without any problems. The service personel also cannot make any adjustment on the escapement itself. A laser is making the final end of line adjustment and that´s it. No one can make any corrections of the accuracy afterwards if necessary during lifetime. Only Swatch Service can change the complete movement in case of any defect. That´s the same high level service you have with any Quartz Movement but for much less money.

        2. says: Steve

          I can only talk about mine, which has OK accuracy. The last time I wore it, I think it picked up around 5 seconds in a day of wearing on my wrist, maybe less. I know I was pleased with the rate result for a plastic automatic. I have other watches in my collection that cost a lot more that have about the same rate results and I have some that cost less then the Sistem 51 with better rate results on the wrist. All automatics.

          My only conclusion is that rate results have a lot to do with the individual watch (often).

          I don’t know. For a plastic automatic watch I really have no complaints about the quality of any of it, case, strap, crystal, movement, though I would like to see a bit sturdier buckle.

          Anyway, the new collection is indeed quite attractive. I’m sure we’ll see it in the good old USA, around Christmas. You know how watch releases go. ‘-)

  5. says: Tom A.

    Very attractive designs and good to read about upgrades like luminova.
    The Arrow looks a lot like a classic pilot pilot watch.
    There is one “but”, the price is not that competitive if you take into account that the high tech movement cannot be serviced. In essence you have to throw it away after 10 years. For the same price you can get well made automatic Seikos (indeed with only a traditional movement) that can be serviced and will last for decades.
    Still, these are very nice, I will probably try one.

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