Swatch Touch Zero One – Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek sets the first step to capture the Fitness and Smart Watch market.  


This Swatch Touch Zero One presentation will let you discover the new ingenious and funny way how Swatch sees the world of fitness. Swatch Touch Zero One offers all the fun, joie de vivre and positively provocative spirit that lives in everything Swatch does.

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What else can you expect the world’s biggest maker of fun for the wrist to do? 🙂






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  1. says: Guy

    Let the games begin! I’ll stick with Pebble. They announced a new user friendly System Development Kit (SDK) today. It is free to use and completely open so anyone can develop apps for Pebble. You can charge money for your app too. That is your business.
    Hey, Steve get on board its not too late.

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