Talking to Stephen Urquhart, President of Omega, about the new METAS certification for Omega

Alexander Linz and Stephen Urquhart, President of Omega

Right after the press conference I talked to Stephen Urquhart about the importance of the today´s step. I invite you to listen to our conversation…


Stephen Urquhart welcoming the guests at the Omega press conference in Geneva…


Stephen Urquhart, President of Omega
Stephen Urquhart, President of Omega


The Podium at todays press conference while Stephen Urquhart was speaking. Left Mr. Hobmeier, VP Omega Chief of Production Omega, Mr. Hayek, Mr. Bock President of METAS and Mr. Aeschlimann, VP Omega, head of sales.
The Podium at today`s press conference while Mr. Urquhart was speaking. Left Mr. Hobmeier, VP Omega Chief of Production, Mr. Hayek, CEO Swatch Group, Mr. Bock President of METAS and Mr. Aeschlimann, VP Omega, Head of sales.


My conversation with the Omega-President will give you some interesting details about the new METAS-certification for all Omega-watches starting in October 2015…

In fact it is not only another certification, it is another big step forward for Omega.


All Omega-watches will be tested by the following criteria being officially certified by METAS Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (

  • the function of each movement when exposed to magnetic fields greater than 15.000 Gauss / 1.200.000 A/m
  • the function of each watch when exposed to magnetic fields greater than 15.000 Gauss / 1.200.000 A/m
  • average daily precision (different positions and temperatures) between 0 and +5 seconds/day
  • autonomy (power reserve) determined in hours by the watch model
  • water resistance (tested in water) in bar, determined in hours by the watch model


By the way: METAS will offer the Official Certification to any watch that meets these criteria and not only to Omega or the Swatch Group


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The Omega-President seems to happy… The picture was taken after our conversation …


Alexander Linz and Stephen Urquhart, President of Omega
Alexander Linz and Stephen Urquhart, President of Omega


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  • I think this is smart and a good move by Omega – define a certification profile that represents a standard more consistent with modern watches and materials, particularly anti-magnetic. Kudos to Omega.

  • That’s beautiful omega pushing the envelope I have Hamiltons, Rolexes, victorinox, breitlings and several other watches, . I don’t think there really is a king of watch horology…. Just a lot of great watches. I’m thankful to omega and look forward to getting my first one Christmas 2015.

    • How much % of those who buy a Rolex care about any certification – Who wants to come up with a guess?

        • Omega is always trying to imitate the Rolex way and understand its success. IMHO this is not the way…

          • I was talking about the feeling that Omega is always trying to prove that they are equal to Rolex (like that line in Casino Royale When Bond is asked “Rolex?” and answers “No, Omega”. as if wearing their watches wasn’t enough that they had to specifically name “the God of watches”.. I have several Omegas and love them but it seems to be that Omega is trying all sorts of gimmicks (who needs 15,000 Gaus but radiologists?) instead of focusing on true horology.

          • If making an entire movement antimagnetic is not true horology… What else then? I recommend you to inform yourself about the strength of magnetic fields around us and to judge thereafter again. You will surprised what you will learn…

  • I prefer a ‘certified watch’ over a ‘certified movement’ a very good step forward in my view.
    Omega is setting the pace in the watch industry for a few years now!

  • It’s a clever move to certify exactly those characteristics that define the strategy for Omega. Inviting all other brands to confront their products to this new standard so obviously reveals Omega’s strenght. Currently there should be no watch from another brand that could successfully pass this test.

    I remember that the Swatch Sistem 51 movement is made of non-magnetic materials, too. And despite the officially stated +/- 7 seconds accuracy all owners report a much better accuracy. It has a power reserve of 90 hours. Now imagine the Swatch Sistem 51 watch would pass this new superlative certification standard for watches while almost all other watches of highly appreciated brands fail…

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