The Apple Watch gets less attention than expected. Here are my thoughts about the Apple Watch, a device I would rather like to call iPhone Wrist Interface then watch.

Apple Watch

If you surf through the internet these days and if you collect information about the Apple Watch what you read and see is not really encouraging for Apple. What do you think? Can I get your opinion?


On March 10th  LIKEFOLIO  has only seen 452,000 mentions of the Apple Watch on Twitter, compared to 1,583,400 mentions of the iPhone 6 on its announcement day last September.


Picture found at LIKEFOLIO
Illustration found at LIKEFOLIO


Linkfolio writes:

“That’s where it gets even worse.When the iPad was first announced, it got 834,000 mentions in the first 24 hours.  That seems closer in line with the Apple Watch until you consider the iPad announcement took place in 2010, when Twitter was literally 1/10th the size it is today by tweet volume.”


The presentation of the Apple Watch did take some pressure away of the Swiss Watch Industry and all the other Smartwatch manufacturers, since Apple could not present any killer application. This is what I predicted!

If the huge crowd of developers does not come out with some real killer applications I don’t see a bright future for the Apple Watch or any other smartwatch. It seems to be difficult to develop an app that really rocks! Let us be honest: As soon as it comes to a real thrilling app you need a corresponding big screen and computing power behind. Things a smartwatch simply does not offer …

The iPhone Wrist Interface (I do not call this a watch, but a consumer electronic device that is a kind of a relay of the iPhone on the wrist) and all the other Wrist Interfaces will only make their way if there is a real benefit for the consumer.

In the moment there are only disadvantages: Small display, poor rechargeable battery life, poor and bulky design and the need of a smartphone in the background to properly function.


Apple Watch
Apple Watch


Then there is the price: especially the Apple Watch is too expensive. The extrem luxurious positioning of some of the Apple Watches does not seem to be a good strategy, but more an act of desperation. Why would some one spend so much money for a consumer electronic device if its technology will be outdated very soon? Who are these clients? Members of the affluent societies?

Members of the affluent societies before you buy the gold Apple Watch please do not miss to read these articles taken from “Apple’s special gold isn’t so special after all”  and “Here Are the Problems With The $10,000 Gold Apple Watch”


by clicking  >>> HERE <<<  and  >>> HERE <<<


Apple Watch
Apple Watch


After what you have been reading and seeing in the last days, what is your personal opinion?

Let me know, let us know!






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25 replies on “The Apple Watch gets less attention than expected. Here are my thoughts about the Apple Watch, a device I would rather like to call iPhone Wrist Interface then watch.”
  1. says: Alex

    Apple is reinventing “Watch” just like Carl Benz reinvent “transport”

    Years back when people still ride horses, Carl Benz came with his 3 wheel motor-powered “car”, Some people laughed at him saying.. Can’t go very far, can’t climb mountains, my horse looks beautiful..etc

    Guess what happened, People loved it and the world solve the the usage constraints. Oil companies came up to build refilling stations and governments built roads… The whole automotive & related industries developed around cars

    Where are the horses now? In zoo, horse racing tracks or collected by very wealthy people in their backyards.

    Embrace changes please.

  2. says: Franz Mattes

    How do you decide that the Apple Watch has failed, if Apple sells less than a million, 10 million, 20 million or 30 million watches within a year?
    BTW even a Million watches and the money Apple will earn with them wold make a lot of Swiss watchmakers happy.

  3. says: Dartagnan

    Great discussion Alex!

    In the main, I agree with you; this device is just a smartphone extension. But, it will have a significant impact. If we look at the prognosticated sales analysis from the wall street cognoscenti, this unspectacular device will sell between 8m and 20m units in the next 12 to 18 months. That’s a lot of wrists. Now I personally don’t want one. Not to mention that I’m an Android fan, which would exclude me anyway.

    But millions of middle-class and upper-middle-class 11-year-olds (and up) will be lining up for it. In fact, my eleven-year-old self is coveting the Apple Watch right now. It’s not a watch, anymore than my car is a watch (although both tell the time). The Apple Watch is the 1999 MP3 player of wearable tech. It has a long way to go before being anything more than a curious gadget.

    But it WILL impact the Swiss watch industry. Some reports have Swatch sales down by 6% this year alone. And that’s because if you’re wearing a smartwatch, you’re not buying (or wearing) another watch, especially a sub-$500 quartz watch – unless you’re Nick Hayek Sr.

    This device needs to be bigger, flatter, untethered to the smartphone by being its own phone, have a longer battery life by about 10 fold, and BE AS EASY TO USE AS A SMARTPHONE currently is. All the aforementioned before mass adoption will take place. But, don’t think for a second that this thing won’t hurt Switzerland.

  4. says: Steve

    There have been many other efforts before to bring smart watches to the market and they have all failed. Apple has had a few bombs in the market and I don’t think this time will be any different. I really don’t see a demand for such a product. Apple sure is trying to create a demand, but only time will tell if they succeed.

    But maybe you ought to buy one now, put it away in its box for twenty years and then sell in on eBay as a collectible curiosity. Then again, you still might lose money with such a scheme. ‘-)

  5. says: Bi Lanz

    Stick to comments on mechanical watches.
    Or at least read up on the subject of wearable technologi first.
    I can recommend this weeks story on the subject in Economist as an intruduction.
    We can agree that Wearable technology has nothing to do with Watches.
    The fight for the wrist may be the only thing they have in common.
    Apple watch and the other smartwatches may be too little too early, much like Palm Pilot was a flop before smartphones came along, but that doesn’t mean it was insignificant.

  6. says: Tom A.

    I think it will afflict pain in the sub $1000 watch market, esp. towards quartz watches.
    It will definitely sell a few million pieces this year. in itself more than Rolex and Omega together.

  7. says: Svend A.

    A mecanical watch is an object with culture, and made with passion.
    The apple watch is assembled by bad payed workers in Asia.
    The price of 350,- Euro is ok, but 10000,- for a Gold Aple??????????
    – 50 grams of 18 carats gold cost less than 2000,- Euro!-

  8. says: Jim C.

    I agree with A. Linz 100% – I don’t consider these to be watches at all – merely phone extensions or strap on devices. “Watch” is a misnomer.

  9. says: TomL

    People will queue up and brawl for an 18’000 $ AppleWatch in 18K Rosegold which will be technically obsolete within four years. Obviously Tim Cook has lost ground and cannot imagine that there are people living on this planet who earn less than 80 millions a year.

    1. says: Hans

      It looks like is something wrong with people’s earning, if is in USD can you all Tim Cook smart gold

  10. says: Allan

    History tells us that everybody has an opinion of course .
    But the truth is :
    That only time will tell us whether this will be a success or not.
    Let us not forget that we as a human being will completely change too in the near future
    together with all the new inventions and all evolutions included.
    Exemples: Horse carts,bicycles,cars,trains,airplanes,rockets, Pc,’s Ipads, smartphones, etcetera .
    And as a result of the past it will undoubtedly also happened with the evolution of
    The Wrirst Watches ! f.e Swatch , Apple , you named it .

    1. says: David

      That is true – people change, new behaviours are coming up with new technologies offered. But what IS the new thing, the killer feature of Apple Watch? People might have laughed at the iPad initially too, but it re-invented the way we use computers and the internet completely. Maybe I am lacking imagination, but I just don’t see anything similar to happen with Apple Watch.

  11. says: Remo N watchmaker

    Hello, I like gadgets and the most apple products. Wen I saw the new apple watch I liked the hotel key function and the payment function.
    But those 2 functions are also in the next generation of swatch group watches.
    I ordred a Kairos Watch (still waiting) with the Soprod Swiss movement. More interesting than the Apple watch is the new Pebble Watch (kickstarter).
    Before I start wearing pure smartwatches, i will beginn wearing 2 watches 😉

  12. says: Thomas

    I totally agree with all the above comments. I m not convinced in it. Why do I have to have an IPhone in order this Gadget works? But the biggest fallback is battery life and killer design. Both to me what I read so far not convincing.

  13. says: alex

    I think the target was expected to be the youngsters who can read every tablet or gadget but they cannot read properly. This new generation is very price expectation oriented and are not very willing to buy something expensive what they know would be outdated in 6 months.

    the most frequent answer from them is why should I buy a watch because tehre is one on my phone display

  14. says: Debashish

    I hate gimmicks and I consider Apple Watch to be nothing but a gimmick, hence I could not care less about Apple Watch, period.

  15. says: Kolosstt

    Very interesting comment of yours Alexander.
    I am not really a follower of this newest Apple story, nor of any other similar one like for example from FC / Alpina.

    Next to the fact that there is no benefit for this wrist-interface, the Apple one does not offer any of the craftsmanship and amazing mechanics that is behind all these centuries in watchmaking culture.
    Apple can put their screen and chips in a regular or a Hublot-like gold cases, doesn’t matter since it will never have a beating heart (balance wheel).

  16. says: Sam

    Dear Alexander,
    Here are some problems in addition to what you already mentioned (some are already mentioned before)
    1- The fact that this smart watch puts emphasis on sport but leaves out water sports by default (lack of water proofing) is not so smart.
    2- This is a redundant gadget with God knows how easy/difficult to use due to its screen size and digital crown.
    3- I have no idea who came up with an aluminum case idea. It’s just not too smart.
    4- Battery life cycle in long run and even daily use
    5- 100% dependency on iPhone
    My 2 cents

  17. says: Jon Messer


    I believe its more a bridge device akin to your thinking as well sir.

    This is a gimmick and a gadget and it will never or extremely occasionally replace watches for the wearer as we know them. Look at it this way: a good watch is like a good car, some classic, some sporty, some that rev high in performance and maneuvering. A BUS or train is also transportation. They too get you around but, not like a great car.

    So, in watches we know to be true performers, nothing equals that.

    Can an Apple product tell time? Sure, all their computers, tablets, phones and now this gadget will. BUT, telling time is more feature here than anything I would call a watch.

    Apple will grab any portion of market they can with their devices and rightfully so. But, as I write, they only make devices. Rightfully so, they compete wherever they can.

    However, when and if they actually, some day, make a watch? We’ll know it when we see it!

    See you @ Basel buddy 🙂

    Cheers, Jon

  18. says: Guy

    I totally agree with David that the Apple watch doesn’t have much ‘I want it’ appeal. But Apple is building a new super-collider shaped head quarters in Silicon Valley. Maybe everyone will be more inspired by it.

    Swatch Watch will do like they always do never stand in one place always presenting a different new look almost every day. And apps are much like dials and straps you just need an idea not a ton of engineering.

    Pebble Watch, a Kickstarter funded company, released a free, easy to use, web based System Developer Kit (SDK) a couple of weeks ago and I received an email listing about six games that were developed on the SDK. It was Kickstarter’s pick of the litter of fun stuff so far.

  19. says: Tom

    I, personally, could not care less about an Apple Watch.
    Or any such electronic device for that matter.
    Totally useless and entirely unnecessary.

  20. says: David

    The Apple watch was designed because Apple needed to demonstrate that it still could innovate. And this is what we see as a result: The product is the first one in decades that does not create a “want to have” feeling: There is no real compelling concept behind it, much different from the iPhone or an iPad, or even AppleTV.

    People want to wear a piece of jewellery on the wrist. Even Swatch was designed this way: A fashion accessoire that just accidentally happens to show also the time. Function is a gadget, not the real reason to buy.

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