The latest COSC figures for July 2014 and the development 2014 so far…

As always up-to-date I today present you the latest COSC-figures. They show the results of July 2014 and the development in 2014 so far. Please click on “read more” to get this latest update…

These figures speak for themselves, so I do not need to make any comment here.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them …


COSC July2014
COSC July 2014
Rolex COSC July 2014
Rolex COSC July 2014
Omega COSC July 2014
Omega COSC July 2014
Breitling COSC July 2014
Breitling COSC July 2014
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  • Dartagnan

    Thank you for this great report! I like to peruse your COSC presentations for industry trends. It would also be very interesting if you could show cumulative COSC numbers for EVERY brand that submits to COSC in order of units approved. It’s exciting to see the major players, but who are the minor players or the one’s that are coming up through the ranks?

    • Dartagnan send me an email with specific questions about brands you are interested in. I will then try to answer your questions…

  • Steve

    It is surprising that Breitling had no quartz watches certified in July as all Brietlings are COSC as I recall.

    Any explanation for this anomaly?

    The only thing I can think of is quartz production was suspended for a little while.

    • Steve, I do not have an explanation for this anomaly, but I think your guess is right … Everything else would make no sense…

      • amon chan

        i like your reply….Everything else would make no sense…

  • Debashish

    It seems only a few watch brands like Rolex, Omega, Breitling and to some extent Tissot, Mido, Panerai and Chopard are serious about COSC certification.