The next generation of the Rolex Daytona what should it look like?

George, a watch freak and a graphic designer, sent me an email with his proposal. I like his Photoshop-creation. Please have a look and if you want and can do also send me your proposals by email.

 This is what George wrote me:

“I am writing to you regarding a recent post about the Rolex Daytona model. You will find attached a Photoshop manipulation that I created for you, showing my point of view of how it should look an iconic watch like Daytona without loosing its legacy and character. I truly hope that Mr. Dufour will take Daytona to a whole new level!”

Thereafter I asked George if he would agree that I put his Daytona online. He did…

Just to make it clear once again: This picture is of course a Photoshop creation; this Rolex does not (yet) exist.


So guys let me know what you think and if you are as talented as George please do not hesitate to send me your proposal for the next generation of the Daytona. If you agree I will then later add it here to this page


The new Rolex Daytona? Copyright by George Tsatalios
The new Rolex Daytona?   Copyright by George Tsatalios








18 replies on “The next generation of the Rolex Daytona what should it look like?”
  1. says: Watchaollic

    Very nice rendering !

    I think I prefer the new typo for the bezel ( more modern )

    Also I would choose black hands and inserts for better readability

    But all brush and still 40 would be the way to go

  2. says: Tom A.

    Not bad in itself but I am not sure if it looks any better than one of the many Zenith El Primero variants, chronographs which have in my opinion an even more iconic movement…

  3. says: Larry

    Really, really like it and in spite of all the buzz about vintage daytonas, I’ve never been fan. I love subs and SDs, even the Milgaus and the Explorer, but the daytona chrono doesn’t do it for me, but this one, I’d consider, although a date would be nice too!

  4. says: Debashish

    You can call me old-fashioned or whatever you want, but I do not understand this current craze about 40+mm wristwatches. In fact, it seems after some time people may start to wear table clocks on their wrists.

    1. says: MC

      I agree, 40mm is PERFECT. All the other changes would be spectacular though. I would also like to see non-screw down pushers, 100m WR would still be possible as we’ve seen from many other manufactures.

  5. says: Alexander

    43mm would be, imho, perfect. The rendering ist beautifzl. I would howewer suggest to clean the dial by skipping the “officially certified…” stuff, therefore put it nearer to the original P.N.

  6. says: Shaheen Hoosen

    I Love it

    If it was available i think that is definitely the one id buy

  7. says: giovanni

    Hi .I was a daytona lover. today is a icon.the only one i own is a 6263 BLACK dial, it must be a panda black dial. 44mm.

  8. says: Sheldon Smith

    Yes, yes, yes. Touch of red, touch of ceramic, brushed finish, and larger size to 42 or 43 mm would be perfect. I passed on a stainless Daytona because it was too small, too blingy with its polished surfaces, and silver register indices that made the hands indistinguishable from the dial. Great rendition and I’d certainly buy one.

  9. says: JFD Hamilton

    I think 45mm would be more suitable and they need a few motor racing aces. From sports cars world from whence it came, a few of the multiple Daytona 24 winners, like Hurley Hayward and Scott Pruett both FIVE time overall winners, and maybe Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel from F1 (as Rolex currently sponsors F1).
    I fail to understand this typically “Rolex” attitude re: size, if you want the watch to be recognizable it has to be seen. Besides in today’s market 45mm IS conservative, especially in the racing world where 50mm plus is common. The “Daytona” is of the racing world and should adapt, perhaps a carbon fibre face or hands or even a CF case ! The “Daytona” should be Rolex’s technological test bed ! Celebrate it’s racing background by being different from other “Rolers” !!

  10. says: Doctor Know

    I like his Daytona image creation, but, it needs a black leather/white stitching strap. Rolex should offer leather straps on every watch model !!!

  11. says: Amir

    Additionally, it would probably be easy for Rolex to add this to the current line, while keeping the 40mm models going. Why alienate any one buyer, when you can just gain more?

  12. says: George

    The Paul Newman Daytona ref.6263 had a diameter of 37mm, after many years Rolex upgraded the case to 40mm. Why many people consider the 40mm diameter of Daytona as the most important characteristic of all? In my humble opinion the 43mm case upgrade will be a safe update for such an iconic watch.

    Thank you all

  13. says: Daytona

    43mm height would be quite small… But imho 40mm diameter is perfect. Ceramic bezel yes, Pushers no (no ROC or Hublot please). I also wouldn’t like the red hands.

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