The Watch-Insider´s Top 10 Chronographs 2014

We are approaching the end of the year 2014 and it is time now to let you know which are my top 10 watches 2014 in different categories. Today I want to start with the chronographs…


First I have to mention that this is an alphabetic listing and not a ranking. The chronographs shown here are my very personal favourites of the year 2014. Of course not all the different models presented this year can be listed and of course not all qualify to be mentioned here.

Once again THESE ARE SIMPLY MY TOP 10, no jury has voted, no one has whispered something into my ears, no one has paid me any money to get listed here.

If you wish to get more information about one of the chronographs presented now, please use the search function of my blog. I have been reporting about all of them during the last eleven months and you will find many more pictures and additional technical information of course.

I would like to ask you to give me your personal feedback. Which chronographs presented in 2014 did you like the most? Please use the comment function to let us all know hat you think! Thanks!


In the next days many more Top 10 charts will follow, so stay tuned and don´t touch that dial…


You may click on the pictures to enlarge them and you will have to click through the ten pages of my alphabetical presentation to see all the Top 10 chronographs 2014… Each one deserves his own page!



Alpina Alpiner4 Chronograph: In my eyes the best newcomer 2014. The brand finally discovers its history lasting back until 1883 and produces good looking and high-quality sport watches for a very fair price. Yes, there is “only” a Sellita SW500 under the dial, but in the end who cares? The Sellita SW 500 is a good chronograph calibre. The prices start around 2395 Euro including 19 % VAT.

Alpina Alpiner4 Chronograph
Alpina Alpiner4 Chronograph
Alpina Alpiner4 Chronograph
Alpina Alpiner4 Chronograph



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  • Una rassegna di cronografi per intenditori ma per pochi fortunati danarosi che potranno acquistarli

  • Great selection!

    I particularly liked Blancpain, Breitling, IWC, JLC and Omega, my favourite watch brands.

    Thanks a lot for your fine article and pictures!

  • Hi Alexander,
    I really enjoyed your choice of watches for 2014,but why oh why did you not give the size of the watches?It forms quite a big portion of your decision in choosing a watch knowing the size.
    For example even some of the old classics are so small in diameter,they would be regarded as women’s watches today.I know some tell you in their description as in Breitling 44,otherwise it is necessary to know the size.

    Eugene Maggi

  • The Gray Side might be my favorite on your list. I’ll also be interested to see the next evolution of the Offshore once it gets a fully integrated chrono movement.

  • Alexander,
    As always, great choices…you always show very good taste. I particularly love the Blancpain. One watch that you omitted that ticked alot of the “right” boxes for me this year was the Omega Seamaster 300M Co-Axial GMT Chronograph 44mm. Always loved the classic Seamaster 300M (Bond), and have toyed with the idea of purchasing the Chronograph version from time to time (already own the three hand version); but felt it might be redundant in my collection. Love the addition of the GMT function, and though some call the small seconds display on this watch a quark, I particularly like it as is (more of an indicator to show you that the watch is running). Great classic Seamaster look, chronograph, slightly larger size at 44mm, and the addition of the GMT; and all for a very reasonable ~$7k. Count me in, this one checks all the right boxes for me.

    • Dear Alexander, Yes I also agree with Jeremy on his comments. For me the best watch with regards value for money. I personally liked your choice of IWC & Breitling. For me one which should be on the list is Zenith their new range is worthwhile to have a closer look as well as Chopard. But again those were your choices – anyway well done!

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