This is my personal bedtime treat for you presented by Ulysse Nardin @ Baselworld 2015

Ulysse Nardin Erotica Jarretière

Erotic animated scenes on wrist watches have become very rare these days. I have found one and I want to share it with you. Good night from Basel everyone! I will continue my reporting today during the day…


The Ulysse Nardin Erotica Jarretière chimes the number of hours always at the hour and animates the erotic scene on the dial. If you wish you can also deploy the scene and chiming manually and of course you may turn off the entire mechanism.

What you see on the dial is an erotic scene set up in Venice. On the floor lies the garter of the lady…

You will not find the timepiece in any official press-kit of Ulysse Nardin, it is only shown to friends of the brand, so enjoy what you see and hear.


By the way…

We set the watch to eleven o’clock to see and hear the maximum action 🙂




Ulysse Nardin Erotica Jarretière

Ulysse Nardin Erotica Jarretière
Ulysse Nardin Erotica Jarretière


Interested? the Ulysse Nardin timepiece sells for 99.000 Euro…





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  • Ho ho ho! A real ice breaker at parties. If I could own a UN automaton I would go for the acrobats. Not that the couple depicted isn’t acrobatic!

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