This is the new ORIS Big Crown ProPilot with in-house calibre

ORIS Big Crown Pro Pilot

The ORIS Big Crown ProPilot was presented today here in Switzerland. In my eyes this is a beautiful, affordable timepiece with an Oris in-house caliber.

Due to though time schedule we have I just want to show you the first pictures and give this elemental information: Oris in-house caliber with ten days power reserve, 44 mm steel case and a retail price of around 5000 Swiss Franc.

More to come about that watch in the next days, including an interview with Oris Owner Uli Herzog


ORIS Big Crown Pro Pilot
ORIS Big Crown ProPilot
ORIS Big Crown Pro Pilot
ORIS Big Crown ProPilot
ORIS Big Crown Pro Pilot
ORIS Big Crown ProPilot


Once again from the front since this is such a beautiful watch 🙂

ORIS Big Crown Pro Pilot
ORIS Big Crown ProPilot


And just to remind you here are the latest launched Oris ProPilot watches: ORIS Big Crown ProPilot and ORIS Big crown Pro Pilot Altimeter

ORIS Big Crown Pro Pilot and the two versions of the Oris Pro Pilot Altimeter watch
ORIS Big Crown ProPilot and the two versions of the ORIS Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter watch


What do you think? Isn’t the new one a stunning beautiful watch for a real affordable price?







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13 replies on “This is the new ORIS Big Crown ProPilot with in-house calibre”
  1. says: david

    Great Watch and better still great comments.

    1. I hate to tell a great watch company, after so much hard work that “its too big, no sale”
    2. Other than the size (need max 40cm) its wonderful and WORTH the money as at the right price its a keeper.
    3. Particularly cool is the manual wind plus the huge power reserve….in this way you can have a better relationship with the watch than you do with a mere “leave it alone” automatic….and I realise that this comment probably shows I need advise from a shrink!
    4. Does anyone know how water resistant this is, and what is the strap made of, is it kevlar?
    5 the comment about about the placement of the date is a little harsh, but it would be better somewhere else, certainly not a dealbreaker. The perfect watch has not been invented and never will.

    Well done ORIS.

  2. says: Angus

    I like this watch, always liked Oris, and to see them going back to in house movements is a success story in itself. Look forward to see their first In house automatics.
    One thing though some of the Oris have too large housings and I would prefer more 40-42mm options.
    Would also like to see the return of their famous World Timer movements

  3. says: Steve

    Price aside, it is a very nice watch. I always have lik4ed Oris.

    Why do I mention price, because if Frederique Constant, and a number of other manufacturer’s, can put out a manufacture movement for a good bit less than this….

  4. says: Alex

    Nice looking watch and I like the new in-house movement. 44mm is way too big for me. Would have consider it if it’s 40mm.

  5. says: Roger

    A great watch ,but cannot be called affordable,for the average reader. In the real world affordable is 1000 Swiss francs and below. Most Swiss watches do not fall in this price bracket.

  6. says: Peter U

    5000 Swiss Franc, affordable, affordable to who, a Millionaire perhaps ?
    Case in point, my watch. The Pharmacist noticed the watch on my wrist and said to me ” what a beautiful watch, where can I buy it ?” So I told him the name of the store where they sell it. Then he asked me “how much does it cost ? ” I said to him ” how much do you think ? ” He said $200 and I said more . Then he say’s $300 and I said more .Do you know what he said then, he said forget it . Do you see my point why I don’t consider $5000 affordable to the average person ? By the way the watch cost $500 . So if the average person considers $500 too much to pay for a watch can you imagine $5000 then ?

    1. says: Peter U

      Sorry but I forgot to mention that I do like the watch, the one that also has the power reserve indicator on it. It has all the features I want in a watch and honestly I would pay this price, 5000 Swiss Franc for it if I could . I do understand what Alex was saying though that it is affordable in the sense that watches can reach astronomical prices ,$50,000 to $500,000 which truly few can afford .

  7. says: David

    Definitively a watch to be looked at in real – seems to me Oris is doing right what other manufacturers did some time ago, but then opted rather for the Disney style 😉

  8. says: Mike

    I love the design and innovation that went into this watch but at 44mm it is larger than what I like to wear. I have sold my larger watches and have settled in to the 40mm size as being the most comfortable for me. I think Rolex has known this all along…

  9. says: Jeroen

    It’s a stunning watch, ten days power reserve on a manual wound calibre is the first time i think in this price range. Only thing is the size of 44 mm. To big for my taste but still beautiful to look at.

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