Have a look at this! Jeanrichard is offering quite a choice of always the same watch.

The brand belonging to the Sowind Group (Kering Group) has no own manufacturing power, depends on other companies calibers, but compensates this with a lot of creativity. Cool!

For those among who have not yet heard about Jeanrichard and/or have not seen my post dating from Baselworld please click HERE.

Jeanrichard belongs to the Sowind Group to which also Girard-Perregaux belongs; the Kering Group recently bought the Sowind Group. The Sowind´s CEO is called Michele Sofisti. More from and/or about Michele Sofisti you can find HERE.

Bruno Grande is the COO of Jeanrichard and I have to admit that he does a good job. Due to the desired positioning of his watches he can not use the very good calibers produced by the Sowind Group. Only for one model he made an exemption of the rule and he fitted an in-house movement into the watch.

But Jeanrichard has developed an incredible clever modular case that gives the brand the possibility to react quickly to any demand and to offer a wide range of models of always one and the same watch.


These pictures show the modular concept of the cases used for the Jeanrichard Terrascope and Aeroscope watches





I also have a world first for you 🙂


This is the brand new Jeanrichard Neroscope, an all black Aeroscope

A very cool watch!







And these are all other actual variations of the so-called Jeanrichard Aeroscope chronograph …

60650_21B612_21B 60650_21B612_FK6A 60650_21B612_HD60 60650_21B711_21B 60650_21B711_FK6A 60650_21B711_FK7A 60650_21B711_HD60 60650_21F211_21A 60650_21F211_FK2A 60650_21F211_FK6A 60650_21F211_HD60 60650_21F612_21B 60650_21F612_FK6A 60650_21F612_HD60 60650_21F613_21A 60650_21F613_FK3A 60650_21F613_FK6A 60650_21F613_HP60 60650_21G211_21A 60650_21G211_FK2A 60650_21G211_FK6A 60650_21G211_HDEA 60650_21G711_21A 60650_21G711_FK6A 60650_21G711_FK7A 60650_21G711_HDEA 60650_21H211_21A 60650_21H211_FK2A 60650_21H211_FK6A 60650_21H211_HD60 60650_21H612_21A 60650_21H612_FK6A 60650_21H612_HDEA 60650_21I613_21B 60650_21I613_FK6A 60650_21I613_HP60 60650_21J613_21A 60650_21J613_FK3A 60650_21J613_FK6A 60650_21J613_HP60 60650_211613_FK3A




What do you think? Not bad …

One can easily compensate the lack of not (yet) having an affordable in-house by being extremely creative 🙂







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  • I don’t know.

    I look for much more than just changing colors and band/strap/bracelet styles to be truly creative.

    They are also rather overpriced, imho. You can get the same movement in a similar case and strap/bracelet/band with similar appearance for much less. (And yes, I do understand all about the exclusive nature of the JeanRichard name and all that but I’m not into that whole scene.)

  • Can you tell us the price of these watches?

    Hope these watches won’t be very expensive?

  • right: lot’s of creativity, making so many colour variations, I feared at the moment, that scrolling down the page would require to go all way down to the basements.

    This watch belongs to the sea of rugged watches out there, that are saturating the market with their lack of elegance; not to mention the cluttered look.

  • These new JeanRichard models look terrific. Very clean lines and the round bezel on the cushion shaped case is a unique Jean Richard styling cue in my opinion. Instantly recognizable. My only criticism is that I think the numerals on the bezel are a little large or it’s maybe the hour numerals on the dial too large? Reducing both a touch would have been nicer. That all new black Aeroscope looks very cool indeed. Thanks for the scoop shot……… There are clues that this watch is Girard Perregaux Sea Hawk family like the angled date window. The Dagger minute hand and Arrow hour hand is Sea Hawk and I’m guessing the bezel can rotate. Is it a clear case back or steel? What’s the water resistance like? I own a Sea Hawk 2 and would miss the power meter if I swapped for one of these. Jean Richard should be using GP movements in my opinion. They’re not going to steal sales from each other. Different price categories comletely and different marketing positioning due to very different heritage. It will help JeanRichard but not cannibalise GP sales. I’m not a shareholder so whatever…..just my opinion. Thanks for the article & great photos Mr Linz.

  • I’m really liking these new offerings from JeanRichard (Terrascope and Aquascope specifically). I have yet to handle one; so Alex, can you give us your impressions of these watches in terms of overall quality, finish, movement robustness, etc.?

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