Just in time! Just before the big heat wave… Go and get your Nomos Ahoi

Nomos Ahoi

Europe will be hit by a severe heat wave in the next days and just in time Nomos informs me that they have started delivering their first real waterproof watch “Ahoi”.

I am sure most of you did see my pictures of the new Nomos Ahoi ( = Ahoy!) which I took during Baselworld.

You did not? Well then please click HERE

The Nomos Ahoi is the first Nomos being waterproof up to 200 meters. So the Ahoi is the first 100 % sporty Nomos, ready to share all kind of adventures with you. It´s a 40 mm diameter watch you can use for swimming, diving and all other watersport activities, as well as for hill-walking and bicycle tours and for effortless everyday wear as well, whether in the office, chambers, practice or editorial department.

What about the movement? Time is kept either by the Nomos Epsilon caliber (without the date) or the Zeta (with date) – both are renowned for their accuracy and the performance of their mainsprings.

The price for the Nomos Ahoi (with and without date) is more then reasonable: 2800.- Euro including 19% VAT in Germany and 3680 CHF including 8 VAT in Switzerland.

Guys, are you ready for the heat wave? 🙂

The Nomos Ahoi is!

I particular like this rendering showing us the Nomos Ahoi chilling out in a pool. Very cool!


Nomos Ahoi
Nomos Ahoi

And these are two new pictures of the Nomos Ahoi

Nomos Ahoi
Nomos Ahoi


Nomos Ahoi
Nomos Ahoi


I don´t know if the Nomos Ahoi without date is also been delivered these days, since in the email Nomos just mentioned its version with date, but at least I can show you two pictures  …


Nomos Ahoi
Nomos Ahoi
Nomos Ahoi
Nomos Ahoi




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  • Alexander, thank you for your very intresting info on watches. It is good work. One question is about the price on the Nomos Ahoi,is it the same price 2800 euro for date and with no date. (in Germany)
    Best regards, Lars

  • I am a proud owner of 3 Nomos automatic watches. All without date and all 3 are doing their job perfectly. I love the no-bling-bling-style, the understatement and the reasonable prices. And at Nomos they have a unique marketing approach with a lot of humor. One of my favorite brands.

  • I love the look of most of the Nomos watches.
    Just can’t decide on wich to get.
    It is a matter of taste… But you can’t argue with quality and durability.
    They are the proof that a lot of the high end watch brands overinflate their prices relative to the product they’re selliing.
    Good for Nomos.

  • yes it has a minimalist very neat a clear design very readible. It looks very slim from lateral view!
    Do not forget that in democracy you cannot piss on others taste!
    It has no sense to discuss about taste!

  • I don´t like the looks of Nomos watches. They look like a kitchen clock with a strap.
    Despite the looks, it´s worth mentioning the caliber, price and quality.

    • They have a minimal look which definitely isn’t for everybody. I actually like the way they look. My only gripe is that they are “only” 40mm large. I’m now use to slightly larger watches– and 42mm is my lower threshold.

    • I had to laugh at this perfect description.
      It’s necessary to add: cheap kitchen clock. :)))))

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