Tissot Ballade with silicon balance spring and COSC certificate for 910 Euro!




When more and more magnetic fields started to disturb the accuracy of wristwatches, Tissot was pretty active in offering new technology. This was the introduction of a new material to manufacture balance springs. A precursor of the today´s magnetic watches.



Ca. 1934: A Tissot "antimagnetique" display found in the Tissot archives
Ca. 1934: A Tissot “antimagnetique” display found in the Tissot archives


Ca. 1934: A Tissot "antimagnetique" catalogue found in the Tissot archives
Ca. 1934: A Tissot “antimagnetique” catalogue found in the Tissot archives


Ca. 1934: A Tissot "antimagnetique" display found in the Tissot archives
Ca. 1934: A Tissot “antimagnetique” display found in the Tissot archives


In 1938 Tissot was able to test watches and specify their magnetic field resistance with this equipment …


Ca. 1938: The Tissot "Chrono Electromagnet" found in the Tissot archives
Ca. 1938: The Tissot “Chrono Electromagnet” found in the Tissot archives




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  • Nikolas, you sound like a real douche. Too good to be associated with a brand like tissot but think Mercedes are the best because the cost the most. My Bugatti veyron is part of the vw group, so is my huracan and A8 and I’ll never stoop to the pretentiousness of a Rolex.the watch people buy on finance to impress heir friends and make up for their small genitalia.

  • Nikolus,
    When you say “if one wants to be associated with”, I can only assume that you are, in fact, the Audi in that scenario!

  • Alex I agree with your reply to Edwin Tschopp, I have a T-Touch Solar and I have to say the design and concept is NOT ten years behind. If one looks at their portfolio one will figure out that they have a watch for everyone and like VW they have the classic Beetle as well as the Golf GTI. TISSOT stands for quality, value for money and it is timeless. Maybe their designs are not everyones choice but please tell me which watch at that price level has a Silicon balance spring and is anti magnetic?? Think hard yes the answer is no ONE. That is because of the synergies among the SWATCH group.

    • While a silicon hairspring is certainly beneficial not only for magnetic reasons, the change of the hairspring alone does not make a watch amagnetic. There are other very important components in the movement that need to be amagnetic as well.
      Of course, it is better than nothing but just the exchange of the hairspring does not make the watch passing METAS certification – by far.

  • At Tissot they have good ideas but the design is always two steps (or lets say 10 years) behind that what I would expect from such a brand.

    • The design is not so bad, a little conservative maybe. In the end it reflects what the client of a TISSOT wants to buy. Let me compare it with a Skoda from the Volkswagen Group. You get a real Volkswagen, but it does not look as good … if you want to go for the Audi (Omega) you will have to add a few bucks …

      • Omega is equivalent to Audi? auch… you know the Audi image, driven by people who like to pose for more than they really are :))

        Who is the BMW and Mercedes of the watch industry? 🙂

      • Very good car-related analogy since in the VW group the brands are price separated much like in the Swatch group.
        Also worth noting that Audi has always been very behind of BMW and Mercedes just like Omega is behind Rolex. Always second choice!
        But to be fair, Omega gets excellent in-house callibers to differentiate from Longines or Tissot while Audi runs on the same basic engines and FWD platforms from Seat-Skoda-VW.
        Back to topic it is a pity that Tissot designs are so conservative, or worse, generic. The value offer is really good.

  • buying a watch means wearing the brand on the wrist and even if this model looks good and has a very solid movement one has to ask oneself about the general Tissot collection design/quality and if one wants to be associated with it for 900€ or more € – I think not.

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