My today´s recommendation for a hot summer day

Guys, leave your precious watches at home and wear e.g. a Swatch. Why? Click here I´ll give you the answer…

Our expensive, mechanical watches are our little, admired baby´s – of course! So on such hot days as today I leave them in the safe in my bank. There it´s cool and they can rest, while I will probably sweat.

For me a hot summer day is the best occasion to wear a Swatch. Whatever I do, the Swatch will do it with me.

And, if you want to take off your Swatch of to avoid the uncool white stripe on your wrist you don´t have to worry to much…

It´s just a Swatch!

And, not one of your above-mentioned baby´s.

For those of you who feel underdressed with a Swatch I recommend to buy many of them and change your Swatches very often. This will impress your audience much more than wearing an expensive, ticking bijou at the beach or pool.


Guys my today´s horological suggestion is the new Swatch Scuba Libre in orange







You don´t like the orange?

No problem!

These are some more suggestions for today and the upcoming weekend … 🙂















I wish you all a wonderful summer weekend and PLEASE enjoy the summer as I will do! 


Thinking of listening to the right music whilst sunbathing and chilling out at the beach or pool?

You have an Internet radio? You like groovy House Music? Yes!

So, this is my personal recommendation: Tune in to the French radio station Radio FG House Chic (FG.House Chic). You will listen to 24/7 good House Music, NO commercials and almost no bla-bla-bla-bla.

Of course you can also access the station through your smartphone and its website


My last picture for today is for the techies among you 🙂

Scuba Skizze










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  • Couldn’t agree more! Yacht master is in the safe I’ve got my new Swatch on in Rome bought in Cannes yesterday! Perfect ☀

  • Couldn’t agree with Alexander more. Swatch is great. I’m really glad they made a reappearance in the US, btw. They had almost disappeared. One of mine is an older chronograph my wife brought back from a trip that is my “official” driving watch when I’m out in the MGB.

    Zodiac watches and Reactors are two other brands I’m quite fond of for outdorr use. Nice stylish and when you can get them, them like I did on sale for less than $100, they’re right in their with a Swatch for price.

    of course Swatch is a great fashion statement. Speaking of which, the other day I wore a blue Diesel, it went with the outfit, and I got more comments about that watch than I ever have gotten for a mechanical wonder. Go figure.

  • I will buy a Scuba Libre when they will eventually be available with the new Sistem 51 automatic movement !

    • I think this is possible. Just wait a while and you will see … Swatch is also developing a mechanical Chronograph based on the same “Sistem”

  • Hi Alexander

    Thanks for your post.

    Whilst I mostly wear a Royal Oak, I would be inclined to try the Swatch Sistem 51 for the summer, as this may techie part of me – if I was desperate.

    Have you any idea on availability of the Swatch in Europe.


    Dr Kaye

  • One only risks to blind the onlookers; great for a sea rescue situation maybe.
    I think I would go for a Citizen Titanium.

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