Tomorrow the Swatch Fall Winter Collection 2013 will be officially presented. Discover the new Swatch Fall Winter Classics today at

A Swatch For All Seasons. The classics are back. The classics never leave. These are the Classics

Wise to street signals and signs of change, Swatch delivers a wide-ranging array of intriguing new models for its Fall Winter Collection 2013. The new collection explores themes and variations trending now: contemporary colors, patterns, textures and shapes capture culture emerging in the streets. A dazzling retro interlude sees streamlined forms paying homage to the legendary Années Folles. In Urban Expression, writers and artists turn streets into galleries, taking tags, bright freestyle graphics and sharp street wit to the wrist. The art of deception takes a playful turn in Trompe l’Oeil, and for the holiday season, Swatch turns on the glam in black and white for Late Night Glam – sparkling entertainment after hours.

All in all, you see a stylish sampling of the times in more than 90 new models.

A Swatch For All Seasons. The classics are back. The classics never leave. They lie in wait in the wings until it’s time to walk on, just in time and with an eye for the colors and styles of the scene. A confident display of invisible class, the slim, lightweight look offers silvery elegance for all evening affairs.

These are 42 new Swatch CLASSIC models …

sa01_gb274_Press sa01_gn237_Press sa01_gp140_Press sa01_gw164_Press sa01_lb172_Press HORA BLANCA sa01_subb124_Press sa01_suob705_Press sa01_suob706_Press FAUX FOX sa01_suok701_Press sa01_suow703_Press BLACK BUMP GOLD BUMP SILVER BUMP BEWEGUNG sa01_yas108_Press sa01_yas412_Press sa01_ygb7000_Press THE EARL TIME sa01_ygs4033_Press YOU MY TIME sa01_yog407_Press BLACK CHARLES sa01_yos448_Press ESCLARMONDE sa01_yss270_Press sa01_yss271_Press C.U.BLACK BIG DESERT sa02_svck4075ag_Press ANTENOR BE COLORFUL sa02_yas411g_Press sa02_ycm4003ag_Press LE DUC DE TEMPS ME YOUR TIME sa02_ylm7000ag_Press MIMAS sa02_yls711g_Press NOFRETETE L sa02_yss283h_Press


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  • Thanks, interesting as allways! Some nice watches here.

    Are the Automatic models allready Sistem51 or based on the old movement?

      • Do we know when the Sistem 51 will be released? I look forward to seeing this new watch for myself. I think that it may restore some popularity to the automatic market for the general market (those who know nothing of watches) from a retail perspective at the entry level an automatic is difficult to explain and show the benefits.

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