Tomorrow the Swatch Fall Winter Collection 2013 will be officially presented. Discover the new Swatch Fall Winter Urban Expression today at

Street Culture Takes Over. Life in the cities begins and ends in the streets, in the non-stop rhythms and noise of the night. This is Urban Expression

Wise to street signals and signs of change, Swatch delivers a wide-ranging array of intriguing new models for its Fall Winter Collection 2013. The new collection explores themes and variations trending now: contemporary colors, patterns, textures and shapes capture culture emerging in the streets. A dazzling retro interlude sees streamlined forms paying homage to the legendary Années Folles. In Urban Expression, writers and artists turn streets into galleries, taking tags, bright freestyle graphics and sharp street wit to the wrist. The art of deception takes a playful turn in Trompe l’Oeil, and for the holiday season, Swatch turns on the glam in black and white for Late Night Glam – sparkling entertainment after hours.

All in all, you see a stylish sampling of the times in more than 90 new models.

Life in the cities begins and ends in the streets, in the non-stop rhythms and noise of the night. Street culture is catching, contagious, viral. The “Generation 27 (Gb276)” takes its inspiration from the popular notion of the 27-hour day, variously said to be the number of hours it takes a man to do what a women accomplishes in 24, or the extra-long day a woman creates by doing several things at once. Urban legend also has it that 27 is in fact a reference to the exclusive « 27 Club » whose membership is apparently limited to musicians who passed away at the age of 27, among them Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse …

A second model inspired by tag-writers and street culture is This Moment (Suow106), with its call to mindfulness in the form of a two-part zen-script that writes and unwrites itself as time passes: Be Happy For This Moment — This Moment Is For Life.

These are 9 new Swatch Urban Expression models…

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  • Had take a look to the virtual catalogue in the past days: the Urban Expression were the pieces that impressed me at first sight.

    The suow106 “this moment” I think that could became a best seller.

    Maybe I’ve not look with enough attention: I haven’t seen the Sistem 51. In your interview with mr. Hayek I’ve heard about a couple of models different from the 3-4 seen in Basel.
    (BTW love your interviews, always interesting and greatly conducted!)
    Really curious about Sistem51, and can’t wait to see accuracy tests on the movement.

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