Tudor Heritage Ranger – an eye-catching timepiece that represents excellent value for money.

The Tudor Oyster Prince Ranger Ref. 7995 produced in the late 1960s inspired the 2014 Heritage Ranger. Click on “read more” to discover the new version …


After the Heritage Black Bay divers watch this Tudor is the next eye-catching sport watch from the Rolex little sister. If you are probably still looking for an attractive Christmas gift these days, and you don’t want to spend to much money, I recommend you to have a closer look at the new Heritage Ranger.

This was the original Tudor Oyster Prince Ranger Ref. 7995 from 1967:



This was the source of inspiration, but Tudor told me: “Far from being a mere re-edition, it is a distinct reinterpretation, a true temporal and stylistic encounter of past, present and future. The aesthetic codes that contributed to the renown of the historic models are preserved and injected with modern touches to update the iconic spirit of the models.”

Left the 1967 TUDOR OYSTER PRINCE RANGER Ref. 7995 and right the 2014 TUDOR HERITAGE RANGER.
Left the 1967 TUDOR OYSTER PRINCE RANGER Ref. 7995 and right the 2014 TUDOR HERITAGE RANGER.


So let´s have a closer look:

The Heritage Ranger´s matt black dial bearing the Tudor Rose logo is domed, as is the crystal – both typical features of the 1950s and 1960s Tudor models. The “3”, “6”, “9” and “12 o’clock” hour markers on the dial are not appliques as on the other models in the Heritage line, but painted with a coloured luminous substance for a warm and tempting antique effect. The characteristic pear-shaped hands are inspired by the 1960s Tudor Ranger models.

Tudor Heritage Ranger
Tudor Heritage Ranger


The case of the Heritage Ranger now measures 41 mm in diameter and is entirely satin-finished like all steel parts of this new model. The large, satin-finished crown, similar to that of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay, is engraved with the historic Tudor Rose logo. It screws onto a protruding satin-finished tube.

Tudor Heritage Ranger
Tudor Heritage Ranger


Four bracelets have been designed for the watch: The first bracelet is a bund strap with satin-finished rivets; its steel-folding clasp is also entirely satin-finished. The second bracelet is an adjustable and particularly comfortable fabric strap with a camouflage motif woven in green tones. The third bracelet is made of tobacco-coloured leather reminiscent of sled harnesses. It is also equipped with the Tudor folding clasp in its satin-finished version. The fourth and last version, featuring the same clasp, is a bracelet entirely made of machined satin-finished steel. Its distinctive shape is a nod to the bracelets with tube-type attachments used by the brand in the 1950s. Each Tudor Heritage Ranger comes with a fabric strap as well as a second bracelet that may be chosen from among the three other available options.

Four bracelets have been designed for the Tudor Heritage Ranger
Four bracelets have been designed for the Tudor Heritage Ranger


As on the brand’s historic models, the lugs of the new Heritage Ranger are drilled through to accommodate the strap bars.

Tudor Heritage Ranger
Tudor Heritage Ranger



Tudor Heritage Ranger … Reference 79910


Case … 41 mm steel case with satin finish

Movement … Self-winding mechanical movement, Tudor calibre 2824 (based on the ETA 2814)

Power reserve … Power reserve of approximately 38 hours

Winding crown … Screw-down winding crown in steel with the Tudor rose in relief

Crystal … Domed sapphire crystal

Waterproofness … Waterproof to 150 m or 500 feet

Bracelet … Steel bracelet; leather strap or bund strap with folding clasp and safety catch entirely satin-finished. Additional camouflage fabric strap with buckle supplied with watch.

Price … 2290 Euro including 19 % VAT in Germany



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  • Concerning the movement of Tudor Heritage Ranger, could it be a modified 2924-2 without date to make it become calibre 2814?

  • Tudor is for sure a good brand to go. I have search a while for less price point watch (under$3000). After watching your review, very helpful. I went to the local AD , try it on and buy it. Love the design and the solid build for this watch. In my collection , I have Rolex explorer 1 and a datejust. This Ranger is for sure I want to go for. Love it

  • Like the watch but agree with Awillie, 41mm with a thin bezel the watch is somehow out of proportion. Seems huge compared to the Seamaster Pro 300 at 41.3mm. However, it has a certain appeal to me, and would have one if it was 38mm. Love the pictures…

  • I make it about a $2900, maybe $3000 (before sales tax) price tag in US for this watch. In the Tudor world, that isn’t a bad price, probably one of the least expensive. I’m sure they use the top grade ETA movement, btw (Alexander?), which does make a difference in cost.

    All in all, I find it to be a very nice watch at a good price. Not that I’m going to run right out and buy one, there are many in front of it on my wish list, included a different Tudor, but it certainly could make it to my list in time.


  • Debashish, must be the price for one ETA movements. Believe they could produce a movement but not at that price point.

  • It seem to me that is a high price for a simple watch with an ETA movement. The name is bringing up the price (Tudor/Rolex). For much less money, one can purchase a Damasko DA 34-37 with a great case and ETA movement (1/2 the price) or an Archimede Outdoor Protect with a fine case for about 1/4 the price. Both of these really good watches, especially for the money. For me, while it is certainly a nice watch, hard to justify the price point.

    • If you can compare the brands you mentioned and Tudor at the same time, try them on and make a real touch and feel… Then you will understand why a Tudor costs more…

      • I have compared the Black Bay against a Steinhart Ocean One and I don’t see it. Same 2824 movement. It can be argued that the Tudor’s movement is better finished but not to justify a price 8 times higher. Also, the rate results achieved as tested by watch magazines were less than inspiring. These Tudors are just another homage to the “real thing” but not at any bargain price. I write this as an owner of 2 Rolex Submariners and a vintage Explorer 1 with riveted bracelet.

  • Tudor is sister brand of Rolex, yet Tudor keeps on using ETA movements, I don’t understand the reason.

    Can you please tell me the reason?

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