Watch biz news: Elie Bernheim, the grandson of Raymond Weil, takes over as CEO of Raymond Weil and Antonio Calce, CEO Corum, quits or had to quit his job.

That´s just a brief update for you…

Today Raymond Weil announced: “Elie Bernheim, grandson of the eponymous founder of the independent watch Brand, Raymond Weil, is proud to take over the reins from his father Olivier Bernheim, and lead the family Company. This act sets the stamp of the third generation at the head of the Swiss watch Brand.
  He succeeds his father Olivier Bernheim, who proudly passes on the baton. Olivier Bernheim joined the family Company in 1982 and became President and CEO of Raymond Weil in 1996. He will remain President of the Board of Directors.”





The second news is that Antonio Calce, the former CEO of Corum, quit or had to quit his job. I already registered explicit tensions between Calce and the new Chinese owners of Corum during Baselworld. When I met Antonio in his office at the Corum booth he was nervous and we were interrupted at least three times by someone of the China Haidian Group. I do not have any further information concerning the why and what behind this step. Officially Antonio Calce will remain a consultant for Corum, but we all know what this means and why it is said …


Antonio Calce
Antonio Calce






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  • Jerci wrote who cares about Calce. Pls note that in this industry everyone knows everyone. He did a good job. So you really think China Haidan will find someone with the expertise and experience like Calce?? They will appoint one of their confident. In the long run Corum will suffer if they can not bring in a well trained and versed CEO from the industry and this I want to see. Because everyone knows who is the owner.

  • Who cares about Calce, but what are the Chinese now going to do with the watchmaking pearl Corum? It’s a shame!

    Good luck Elie Bernheim, I think there is much to do at RW

  • Funny, when China Haidian bought Corum I wondered how long he would last. Different sets of priorities. My experience working with the Chinese is their view is ROE is number one priority. I assume his view was to make the best possible watches and if Corum did that, all problems would fade. But I am pretty sure China Haidian demanded results right from the outset. Time to sell my stocks in China Haidian which had a good run up last week.

      • Mr. Hon from China Haidian already negotiated last year during Baselworld 2013 with the family Bernheim… I am sure the Chinese are still interested in buying RW and I assume it’s just a matter of the price… 🙂

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