Watchstars Awards 2014. These are the five winners: A. Lange & Söhne, Patek Philippe, Ressence, Audemars Piguet and Swatch

The Watchstars Awards are international watch awards given out annually by an international committee of experts. Watchstars honors “the best watches of the world” in different categories. 


As a part of the worldwide successfully acting Ebner Publishing Group and as a long-term and proud contributor to various watch-publications of the Ebner Publishing Group I have the pleasure to announce the five winners of the first Watchstars Awards.

The Watchstars committee consists of the most experienced watch specialists around the world. The committee alone is allowed to nominate and vote for the winning watches: manufacturers are not permitted to submit watches. All watches, regardless of size, brand, or country of origin, will be eligible for the Watchstars Awards.

The Watchstars Awards are the only watch awards that are truly independent and are represented worldwide.


These are the names of the committee of experts:

Thomas Wanka, Gisbert L. Brunner, Hirota Masayuki, Fernando Correia de Oliveira, Robert-Jan Broer, Michael Goermann, Melanie Feist, Gwendolyn Benda, Raphael Calles, Elizabeth Doerr, J. Philip Rathgen, Miguel Seabra, Carlos Torres, Peter Chong, Melissa Gössling, Tim Fabian Besser, Manfred Fritz, Zhixiang Ding, Stephan Ciejka, Nitin Nair, Naomasa Furukawa, Marcel Philippe, James Hewes, Gi-Ho Lee, Frank Geelen, Christian Pfeiffer-Belli, Elke Reinhold, Katrin Nikolaus, Thomas Gronenthal, Martina Richter, Jens Koch, Alexander Krupp, Rüdiger Bucher, Norma Buchanan, Neha Bajpai, Joe Thompson, Alexander Pfeffer, Bernard Werk, Mark Bernardo, Magdalena Piekarska, Anders Modig, Ines B. Kasparek, Roger Rüegger and Alexander Linz


Please click  >>> HERE <<<  to see the committee of experts and to get more information about my colleagues.

To read about the idea, the categories, the rules, the event, the partners, how to become a partner and how to get in contact with Watchstars please click >>>HERE <<<


And these are the winners 2014 … The picture is taken from the Watchstars-site…

Watchstars honors “the best watches of the world” in different categories. These are the winners 2014.
Watchstars honors “the best watches of the world” in different categories. These are the winners 2014.


Congratulations! Well done!


To get more detailed information about the 2014 Watchstars Awards winners please click >>> HERE <<<

For general information about the Watchstars Awards please click >>> HERE <<<


What do you think? Do these watches deserve to be the Watchstars 2014?

Your opinion is very much appreciated!!

Please use the comment function of the blog and tell me what you think…






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  • I regret to say that I do not agree with these experts.

    You tell me why didn’t Breguet or Vacheron Constantin win any award?

  • Hi Alex,
    I agree with all of them, really great watchmaking timepieces except one of those, the Sistem 51. To award such a needless one way product armed with a cheap and inaccurate operating plastic escapement is more than strange. That´s not Swiss Standard it´s a shame. They should better leave to produce such stuff the Chinese. Sorry for that clear statement.

    • The Chinese could never produce something like this – an automatic movement with only 50 pieces is unheard of. Maybe it looks cheap to you but it is more high tech then a Rolex.

  • Alex first of all congratulations that you are one of the experts on the committee. Noted quite many Germany on your board – any reason? By comparing the winners against the entries, I have to say the Design Stars and New Stars I like the most and well chosen. Nobody could compete against PP Grandmaster Chime. Overall well done hope it leads to new frontiers in the watch making.

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