What is Omega as the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games doing?



Scoring in tennis is controlled by Omega along with statistics. This includes information such as speed of serve, number of aces or game time for example. The brand has also developed its own “line-calling” system to check if a ball has gone in or out.


OMEGA RIO16 Tennis
OMEGA RIO16 Tennis


OMEGA RIO16 Tennis
OMEGA RIO16 Tennis






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  • Alexander, you do such a great job with this post . I look forward to reading it daily. Thank you sir.

  • Thank you for a the detailed photographic description of the equipment used to fairly adjudicate these games and how it is used. Being a fairly competitive sailor and skier I appreciate accurate and fair equipment to determine results. I don’t mean to say people cheat but they will often make misjudge their own performance. Line calling in tennis is best left to an impartial never blinking never distracted machine.

    Love the blog! Guy

  • Though it is being done under Omega brand, the actual timing as well as record-keeping is being done by Swiss Timing, a sister company of Omega.

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