Which one is sexier? The new Omega De Ville Trésor or the new Rolex Cellini (Updated with the prices)

Let me first present you both elegant watches on seven pages and show you a variety of stunning pictures. But then I want your opinion… Please let me know which one you prefer.


I just added the prices of the watches on page 7 …


I want to start in alphabetical order with the new Omega De Ville Trésor.

The original Omega Trésor dates back from 1949. Characterised by its thin and classic gold case it housed a 30 mm calibre within.


Vintage Omega Trésor
Vintage Omega Trésor


Now, more than half a century later, the De Ville Trésor has been reintroduced, equipped with one of the most advanced Co-Axial calibre that was developed especially for the De Ville Trésor. It is the Omega Master Co-Axial calibre 8511, a manual winding movement that also features an easy zonetime function, an 18-carat red gold balance bridge, a Si14 silicon balance spring, a three-level Co-Axial escapement and Omega’s exclusive anti-magnetic technology. This officially certified chronometer by Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) is made to resist magnetic fields greater than 15,000 gauss or 1.200.000 A/m, now augmenting the reliability and chronometric performance that has always characterised Co-Axial calibres.


Omega Master Co-Axial calibre 8511
Omega Master Co-Axial calibre 8511
Omega Master Co-Axial calibre 8511
Omega Master Co-Axial calibre 8511
Omega Master Co-Axial calibre 8511
Omega Master Co-Axial calibre 8511


The Omega De Ville Trésor calibre 8511 is housed in a slim and elegant polished 40 mm case crafted either from 18 carat Sedna™, yellow or white gold. Underneath the box-form scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is the silvery opaline domed dial decorated with a vintage “Clous de Paris” structure or for the limited series an enamel dial. Complementing its domed curve, the hours are marked with applied domed 18-carat gold indexes. The effect is completed with 18-carat gold hands, including arched minute and seconds hands.


Omega De Ville Trésor
Omega De Ville Trésor


The De Ville Trésor comes on a stylish curved black or brown leather strap with a polished 18-carat gold buckle. The polished case back is engraved with “ANTI-MAGNETIC”, “>15’000 GAUSS” and “Si14“. The large domed sapphire crystal provides an unobstructed view of the exclusive mechanical movement within. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters / 100 feet and is offered with a full four-year warranty.


Omega De Ville Trésor
Omega De Ville Trésor
Omega De Ville Trésor
Omega De Ville Trésor




>>> Discover more pictures of the the Omega De Ville Trésor by opening page 2



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47 replies on “Which one is sexier? The new Omega De Ville Trésor or the new Rolex Cellini (Updated with the prices)”
  1. says: GradyPhilpott

    They’re both too big.

    The Rolex is closer to acceptable, but 36mm would have been a much better size for a pure dress watch.

    I’d sooner buy a vintage watch at about 34mm and have it restored.

    In fact, I did so with a 1963 Tissot not long ago as an experiment and I’m very pleased with the results, so much so that I may do the same with an Omega Seamaster.

  2. says: JKD

    The Omega is a very impressive new offering but given the pick I’d be going Cellini. The new wide, thin interpretation of the fluted bezel is totally inspired, and I love those pencil thin, long roman numerals. The thing screams class and I’d love to rock the white face, black strap with black tie. There is also the simple fact with the Tresor that I’ve now been quite conditioned to not go to Omega for traditional decoration (they could have done plain jane stripes and blued screws and shiny rotor and all that for the 8500 – they chose to do none of those things). So why then am I going to Omega for a Clous de Paris dial, hrm? I think I’ll leave the guilloche to Breguet, and the high-tech to Omega … but for formal time, give me the fluted bezel and spare face of the Rolex. Very impressed with the Cellini.

  3. says: 166293

    I think the Omega looks just fabulous! Not that this should bother anyone else, but a Rolex named Cellini is odd. Sounds like a woman’s watch to my ears. They should have taken the chance to give these new watches a proper name. Only a guy with a feather boa would want to wear a Cellini. Did I mention that the Omega also has a proper name? 😉

  4. says: Sebastian

    The new Cellini designs are a little too static, too symmetrical. The cases are thicker than they should be on a dress watch, yielding a clunky appearance. The new Omega Tresor — a fine design on its own merits — wins by default.

  5. says: Orca

    The Cellini’s hands are too short for my liking. It looks like a 32 mm watch living inside a 39 mm watch whereas the Tresor’s hands are of classic, legible proportion with the minute and second hands coming all the way near the edge of the dial. The raised domed glass on the Tresor’s is just gorgeous. There are very few watches with such beautiful domed crystal being made nowadays. The Longines Legend being one that comes to mind. The Omega would be my pick.

    1. says: JKD

      Check the Baume & Mercier Capeland Flyback and Worldtimer if you’re into the old-school “chevee” style raised glass with modern materials! Very well executed (and at far less than Cellini dough at that).

  6. says: Edwin Tschopp

    Please Omega, bring a version without date, that would be a perfect dress watch for me.

  7. says: Chris

    For a gold watch at this price point the movement is everything. Rolex seem to have used their standard automatic movement from their Oyster sports watches. That has the advantage of being well-tested and reliable, but to my mind it is too thick to use in a watch like this. It is also no beauty so they have hidden it behind a solid case-back. Rather like putting a diesel engine from a truck into a sports car. I wouldn’t touch it.

  8. says: Christopher

    I have typically been a bigger fan of Omega than of Rolex, mostly because Rolex, while high-quality, often seems boring and unattractive to me. However, after looking at the new Cellini watches, I think they are all much more attractive than what they’ve been putting out. I would much rather have the Cellini Dual Time than the Trésor. Sorry, Omega.

  9. says: Dave

    This is the first I’ve seen of the new Rolex models and I like them, but I give the edge to the new Tresor.

  10. says: Tom

    This one is not even close.
    Rolex is an undisputed winner here.
    Way nicer design, superb dials, versatility, and movement.
    The hands are incomparable here – Rolex knockouts Omega here.
    The double domed and fluted bezel was a strike of genius.
    My favorite one is rose gold, black dial Cellini date.

  11. says: Andreas

    I like the dials and the hands of the Cellinis. The indexes and especially the hands of the De Ville are so clean that they appear a bit simple. I clearly prefer the case of the De Ville. Rolex movements are famous for their precision and the new Omega Caliber still has to prove its reliability.

    I would choose the Omega. Concerning the sexiness Rolex has the bigger reputation.

  12. says: LukaszD

    Omega by a mile… Why? – nicer movement, more classic look, more iconic status. All in all a better watch for my taste.

  13. says: Franco

    I am Italian, Cellini is much more Italian then Tresor but I still prefer the Omega. One could have not done better. Superb job for Rolex, but my vote goes for the Tresor


  14. says: Mike

    The Rolex Cellini Dual Time is a beautiful masterpiece and appeals to me out of the three Cellini models. It’s really ‘superlative’ 🙂

    But, I have to give the nod to Omega Tresor for it’s classic simplicity, the beautiful Clous de Paris dial, and Co-Axial escapement with Omega’s anti-magnetic technology.

    In disclosure, I currently own an Omega De Ville Chronometer w/Co-Axial escapement.

  15. says: Reg F

    What a great and in-depth look at these two models!. Thanks for the presentation!.

    It’s nice to see Rolex doing something that is a little different to all their staid, boring, repetitious designs, but clearly it is outside their comfort zone design wise. The date and dual zone watches are, frankly, ugly. With asymmetric and unbalanced designs, The three hander is a bit better but all suffer from trying to have a foot in two camps. The inset minute track with the numbers dividing the indices is at odds with the style of a classic dress watch.

    The Omega is clean, simple and very pretty. And it is technically superior with a broader range of innovative tech. And it lets you see the movement. And it is less expensive.

    Omega, hands down. Rolex = failed attempt.

  16. says: Richard Ahmed

    Rolex Cellini is bar far the better choice. Rolex has truly outdone themselves with this novelty. If I were in the market for a dress watch, this would be it.

  17. says: James Wurzburger

    My Grandfather owns a vintage Seamaster from the early 70’s which looks similar to the new Tresor presented here. Omega has done very well with this Tresor, but I must give the nod to Rolex. Cellini models have never really impressed me until now with these. Just beautiful, and wonderful photos Alexander of both models.

  18. says: alex ioancio

    I prefer the Omega yellow , it has more fluent design and is more readable! If the prices would be the same I would run for the Rolex dual time in pole position. But only with equal prices.
    I own several vintage and not vintage Omega’s but dress watches and they are evergreen products.
    I am very curious what will happen’ with the new CEO at Rolex.I would prefer the price tag to narrow toward Omega prices and not toward Hublot. It is the only way to preserve their nr 1 supremacy in the watch world.

  19. says: jeff hutton

    Alex, tough choice as both are quite nice.
    The fluted bezel allows the Rolex to become a little more than an “proper dress” dress watch. It’s design evokes a little bit of “oyster” in the case and I like that. While both would be perfect for any formal or business setting, the Rolex would also be my choice for a casual setting. Therefore, a better value as per “wrist time”. In fact, the Rolex could be the only watch you need to own. It will be interesting to see if they retain their value relative to the general Rolex lineup.

  20. says: Guy

    I have to go with the Omega. The clean elegant design of a classic dress watch pays homage to earlier era. I like it!

    Another great series of photos. Thank you Alexander. I am learning macro photography from you. I will send you another photo of my watch when I get lighting down.


  21. says: Celio

    I know that this type of model is not common, but I wish they had the luminous hands.
    I liked the watches of Rolex, who placed the crown just below the position Twelve.
    I prefer the Omega yellow gold.

  22. says: Jim Reilly


    Thank you for great presentation. Why is there no photo coverage of the Cellini?
    I must say that the Omega movement is visually appealing and a pity to not show it off.
    Based upon technology and beauty I would have to choose Omega.

  23. says: R La R

    Rolex Cellini Time although the Omega Tresor is also a beautiful watch. Both are so elegant.

    1. says: Rick R

      Cellini time only is gorgeous but the Omega’s movement and technology, plus hand wind and readable date, would be my first choice. Cellini time only second.

  24. says: Hans


    Design Omega
    Technology Omega
    Functionality Rolex (dual time only)
    Price ? most likely Omega

    Thanks for your fantastic news letter.

  25. says: Alexander Herzog

    The Cellini is a stunning beauty, very well done, especially the dial, it has, for me , the edge here in this comparision, despite the higher price and the solid back. A SE with enamel dial would be great

  26. says: Debashish

    I must say that both are outstanding watches, but Rolex Cellini just edged out Omega Tresor by a very small margin.

  27. says: igor

    As both of watches are classic dress watches, my vote goes to Omega simply because of its cleaner design. Cellini Dual Time is in the second place.

  28. says: Petr

    The clear winner here is Rolex – dynamic, yet traditional design and the dual time complication is wonderfully executed. Omega is just traditional, no excitement here, unfortunately…

  29. says: Reda Awadalla

    The Rolex for sure wins all awards in my humble opinion. it’s elegant, smart and has a very complicated design, i feel a there is something new about Rolex ever since they released the Sky Dweller then coming up with this gorgeous Cillini

  30. says: Sam

    I never thought I’d say this…. I like the Rolex better. I like the dual time. The black dial with the sunburst guilloche looks very nice and goes well with the bezel as well as the crown and case back. Although I generally say simpler is better, the Omega is plain and the Rolex has nice subtle details. Just my thoughts.


  31. says: Ron Chanderbhan

    Hello Alexander,

    First, I thoroughly enjoy your newsletter. You do a fantastic job of keeping us abreast of the latest in the watch world.

    Now, which is the sexier – The Rolex Cellini Time or the Omega De Ville Tresor? I must admit that I’ve always had a soft spot for Omegas in general. However, this is a tough choice but once again, for me, the Omega is the sexier watch such elegant lines and state-of-the-art technology.

  32. says: Ron Chanderbhan

    Hello Alexander,

    First, I thoroughly enjoy your newsletter. You do a fantastic job of keeping us abreast of the latest in the watch world.

    Now, which is the sexier – The Rolex Cellini Time or the Omega De Ville Tresor

  33. says: Amir

    I prefer the Rolex Cellini three-hander the most. Though well executed, I feel like I could get something like the Trésor from another house. The Rolex has just enough design flares to make it “special”.

    As far as bias, I have and do own both brands, so I like to think of myself as neutral.

  34. says: Peter Maiz

    I like the Rolex series but don’t like the markers on the simple Cellini. The vintage De Ville has nicer markers and hands than the new one. Still, they should have a sapphire back crystal if they’re brave enough to show their movement finish.
    Omega has a 4 year guarantee and the patented co-axial. But I love the Cellini date, by far my favorite

  35. says: Thomas

    Wow Alex what a superb presentation!Finally finally Role woke up. I really like the Omega Tresor but have to say the new Cellini Dual Time would be my preference. What a nice dial. Would like to know the prices though.

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