Can you tell me why? Have a look at these Lacoste watches and tell me why a luxury brand like Lacoste needs to copy good watch design…


I first just wanted to delete the mail with these new Lacoste watches and then I thought you have to see them first before doing so. I will show you  the original and then the Lacoste interpretation …


I personally really like the Lacoste polos, since they are originals for me. When Lacoste started producing polo shirts others did not even know what a polo shirt is.

But I personally don´t like these watches, since they are not really a stroke of genius…

Why must a well-known luxury brand copy Tudor and Rado and make some gimmick watches?

Enough words…

I will show you the original and the Lacoste interpretation..

Guys, please let me know what you think!


The original … Tudor Heritage Chrono blue 

Tudor Heritage Chrono blue
Tudor Heritage Chrono blue


… and the Lacoste interpretation …



The original… Rado HyperChrome Court 

Rado HyperChrome Court
Rado HyperChrome Court


… and the Lacoste interpretation …








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  • Ahaa, its nice discussion on the topic of this paragraph at
    this place at this weblog, I have read all that, so now me also commenting at this place.

  • Alex,
    Whether it’s Lacoste or others, original designs should stem from the company itself. Imitations will not keep the company long lived. Watch fans quickly notice the difference.

  • Oh well, I suppose I might as well chime in also (what a response).

    To be nice, I’ll say they are more akin to a band covering a song they did not write.

    Given that Lacoste charges more for a polo shirt than Izod (same parent company and they’re probably made in the same factory) and the only difference is the logo, I’d much rather spend my money on a new Swatch and have some fun with an original than purchase one of these.

    Fess up time: I did buy a Marc Ecko watch that is clearly a knock-off of a Bell & Ross, but for less than $35 on super clearance sale….

  • Dear Dr McRoberts.
    First of all what a snobby attitude to take against what are probably very good watches in their own right. It is typical of the attitude of owner/collectors of high end watches. Now lets compare the so called copies,the Tudor is a chronograph with all that entails,extra buttons and totally different watch face. The case is also a totally different shape to the Lacoste. Much the same can be said about the Rado, if Lacoste are guilty of anything it is making their watch look more like the Rado of old. The Rado Chrono looks like a copy of umpteen other high end Chrono’s in the market.Infact the only real comparison these watches have in common are the colours. If that is copying then there are loads of other companies out there guilty of the same.

  • Alex, I can only think of a couple reasons why Locoste would do this. First, they have absolutely zero creativity in their design department. Second, perhaps they see the Tudor and Rado examples as designs that are going to be very popular, but out of the common person’s reach economically and they are trying to reach that segment of the watch buying populace. Other than those two reasons I can’t fathom why they would blatantly copy other companies designs.

  • Maybe someone in design dept. was confident on nescience about watches in decisional depts.
    I really do not like this raw necessity to build a watches line of “everything”. Even at low prices or gifted buying something.

  • Alexander, not sure why Lacoste would copy – lazy? No original ideas? Who knows. Only the market will tell if their tactic will be profitable. I personally would not waste my time with a blatant copy – but would go for the original, but I am sure there are many uninformed buyers who don’t know that they are a copy!

    Wonder what the price difference is? I bet Lacoste is trying to compete on price. The attempt is to steal some of that Tudor or Rado market at a lower price. Old tactic – let’s see if it works. There’s obviously no real pride in the product, but just a profit motive. Ugh. That’s no fun.

    It’s just as bad as fake Lacoste polo shirts I used to see being sold on NY City streets years ago and fake Rolexes… pretty chintzy if you ask me.


  • I agree with you, Alex. It is very poor to copy designs of other watches/companies.
    These two watches look similar to the ones you posted but I have seen even more detailed copies of other watches. Most brands that copy other designs are small watch companies, but in this case I think it is even more annoying since Lacoste is a well-known global brand.

  • that “Tudor” is not even close

    (anyway Lacoste is not that design brand anymore, good old times..)

  • Its ok to refer to a style and character of a famous watch, but this feels like a wholesale copy. Lacoste loses credibility of its fashion prowess.

  • Argh… Really obvious copies…

    That’s poor behaviour for such a well established brand like Lacoste !

    Why ? Good question, a heavy lack of originality I would say – and definitely a really bad consultant. Any hint who produces the watches for Lacoste ?

  • I never like copy-cats, I do not understand the reason behind Lacoste’s copying either Tudor or Rado.

    Hope Lacoste stops copying others!

    Thanks Alexander for bringing it to our notice!

  • Hello
    I agree with you all the way, specially I think there should be some form of copy right like everything else , what is the difference between Lacoste and fake producers ,after all I agree with the slogan ; fake watches are for fake people!.

  • Seriously? Watch designs are so similar — it’s not their fault, think about how few elements they have to work with — it amazes me you think that Lacoste is “copying” these other designs. I can find 5 other brands that have similar design points as these. Surely something else in the watch world is more deserving of outrage.

  • What do these pitiful copies cost? As you said Lacoste was original once upon a time….

  • Well, I’m always suspicious of certain luxury brands that want to make watches in the first place… My only guess is that they are ripping off quality watch designs and giving “fashion conscious” people the chance to buy something that looks similar at a much lower price– typically because the fashion brand is using quartz technology instead of having a mechanical movement. I guess it’s for people that are concerned with having a look, and don’t care about the quality or tradition behind a watch.

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