Your blogger is taking a very short break

Guys I have just finished all the editorial work for various publications after Baselworld. And now I need a short break. Click here to understand why …

The amount of work to do in the last three months was demanding and stressing. All the editorial work before Basel, then full action during Baselworld and then all the editorial work after Basel, that had to be finished in only a view weeks.

Since I am not only doing this blog for you and I am also quite active in publishing for newspapers, magazines and I am a “one-man-show” now I need a very short break.

There is a bank holiday in Austria this week and since the weather-forecast is quite frustrating I will escape …

So please forgive me guys if in the next days there will not be to much action here on the blog.

Next week I am back with fully reloaded batteries and I will continue delivering you what you guys deserve to read at about watches and the watch industry.

Thank you for your understanding!


Look at the forecast for Vienna … 🙁


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  • Even the best blogger in the watch business needs a short brake…
    Please enjoy your vacation!!!

  • You really did an exceptional job covering Basel this year which must have been exhausting for you but it persuaded me to start checking your blog regularly.

    Enjoy your well earned break and have fun recharging your PR!


  • Haha,even a titanium man needs unwinding ,have fun and enjoy your holidays .

    Looking forward to hearing from you again.

  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for all your work and keeping us informed.

    Have a great and relaxing break to recharge.

    I’ll be looking forward to your returmn.

    All my best.


  • Hi Alexander, congratulations for your brilliant work here, I really like yourblog and read every single news in it… look forward to getting more exciting stories from you but please first go for some sun and reload your batteries. Hab ein wunderschoenes Urlaub!! Beatrice

  • Please enjoy your well deserved holidays. We will miss you but will also be looking forward to your return. Kind regards

  • Hey Alex, of course you are forgiven!
    It was a pleasure to read all the information you have accumulated during the past weeks. Looking forward to new material 😉
    Enjoy your vacation!

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