Zenith + Historic Cars + 2000 km rally on roads around France = Tour Auto 2016. A story for petrol heads …




Part one of my pictures show a part of all the cars of Tour Auto 2016 in Paris in the Grand Palais.

The evening before the start of the Tour Auto Parisians are invited to see and admire the historic cars and to share the passion with the drivers.

I can tell you the atmosphere was loaded with a lot of horse powers 🙂


DSC01672 DSC01673 DSC01674 DSC01675 DSC01676 DSC01677 DSC01678 DSC01679 DSC01680 DSC01682 DSC01683 DSC01684 DSC01685 DSC01686 DSC01687 DSC01688 DSC01689 DSC01690 DSC01691 DSC01692 DSC01693 DSC01694 DSC01695 DSC01696 DSC01697 DSC01698




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>>>  I met a very, very good friend in Paris 🙂  >>>




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4 replies on “Zenith + Historic Cars + 2000 km rally on roads around France = Tour Auto 2016. A story for petrol heads …”
  1. says: Steve

    Love the Ford Galaxy. It takes me back as dad drove one when I was a kid.

    The watch itself is a little too busy for my taste but I do like the cut out on the dial. Glad Zenith is doing that again.

  2. says: Hans

    If Zenith win this race, the demand for mr Magada limited edition watches will be so high, it will end up in a dogs fight between drivers in Paris, Mr Magada can triple the price, drivers are still willing to pay And will be able to sell all 500 before return back home.

    1. Aldo will probably not win but he is for sure enjoying the days on the roads in France. It’s all about emotions and having a good time… I am pretty sure that Zenith will sell these beautiful chronographs around the world in its retail network. I know that in Vienna there has already been sold one to a non participant of Tour Auto…

  3. says: Guy

    The Zenith looks just like mine except for the dial, strap and pusher detail.
    Great to see all the cars of my youth. I wish I knew the Jag was going to be an icon of the era.
    Great photos as usual, Alexander.

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