TAG Heuer: How does a chronograph work?

TAG Heuer
TAG Heuer

Discover how the oscillating pinion and the column-wheel work together!


Eduard Heuer was the inventor of the oscillating pinion, a key component in the construction of many chronograph movements and, in particular, the component that lies at the center of the system for starting and stopping of the chronograph.

We will sit with one of the movement designers of this year’s TAG Heuer 01 chronograph at TAG HEUER’s headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. He will show us how chronographs start and stop, leading us through the chain of events from the moment the chronograph start button is pushed, through the turning of the column-wheel, to the connecting rockers and finally the change of position of the oscillating pinion.



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6 replies on “TAG Heuer: How does a chronograph work?”
  1. says: Hans

    The issue with all these video’s the music is terrible , hurt my ears And will suggest Abba instead.

    1. says: Guy

      Abba? Are you kidding? The musical equivalent of sugared paste? How about a little Handel, Beethoven, Hayden, Mozart or Chopin? Something more in the period and complexity of the great advancements in the practice of the mechanical timekeeper.

  2. says: Guy

    I had the good fortune to rebuild a WWII aircraft clock which contains two single pusher chronographs, one hours and minutes and one seconds and minutes.
    It told time and date too.
    So I ask why aren’t all chronographs single pushers?
    It is a beautiful eight day movement by Hamilton for the U.S. Navy and serves as my desk clock.

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