A toast to Leon and all you Kiwis reading my blog (Updated with a short ETNZ-video)

Viva Kiwis!!! Another race won today… To cool to be




The ETNZ catamaran filmed with my iPhone passing our boat after winning the second race today …


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  • This is what pisses me off about oure American TV. I was really going to make an effort to learn about yachting and yacht racing. With the AC being in the states this time around, I figured this would be the best time, it’s relatively close to our time zone so I wouldn’t have to get up in the middle of the night to watch. Does our TV media jump at the opportunity to advertise it so people like myself, who isn’t into it, would know w hen it’s on. NO, THAT MAKES TOO MUCH SENSE!!! I am glad to see the New Zealand boat or is called a ship, winning. Of course my not knowing much about yachting, was rooting for the NZ based solely on it’s being sponsored by OMEGA. One last question: Do you think I’d get away with trying to stowaway when they leave for NZ?

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