A virtual mind game… Which watch would you take with you to the proverbial desert island?

Today in Vienna temperatures reached 36° Celsius. Therefore many would have liked to escape to a kind of desert island. One watch could come along. But which one?

I am sure you can´t decide which one to take. Even for me my choice makes the decision quite difficult. Help me out!

Let me know which model you would take and why and please do also guess which one I would take along.

These are the five timepieces in alphabetical order you have to choose from. Guys, we are going on a nice tropical island and it is summer, so all these ticking babes would fulfill their duties and perfectly show us the time.

Difficult, I know!


Blancpain Fifty Fathoms: The “Fifty” is the archetype of that what we today call a real divers watch. An icon powered by an in-house calibre, a beauty that could be your perfect choice.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms



Cartier Calibre de Cartier Diver: A 100 percent masculine timepiece of Cartier. An ISO 6425 certified divers watch ready to go through thick and thin, also good looking and powered by an in-house calibre.

Cartier Calibre de Cartier Diver
Cartier Calibre de Cartier Diver



Omega Seamaster 300: The replica of a ticking legend reflects the today’s know-how of Omega. Superb in-house technology encroaches on perfect design. If you plan to stay this watch will not age.

Omega Seamaster 300
Omega Seamaster 300



Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 2500m 3 Days Automatic Titanio: Two souls live in its “chest”. The Luminor powered by an in-house calibre is built to live even under rough environmental conditions if necessary and it is such a cool watch.

Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 2500m 3 Days Automatic Titanio
Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 2500m 3 Days Automatic Titanio



Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000: The actual version 3.0 of the divers legend is fully packed with all the mature Rolex-technology. The Sea-Dweller therefore will be your perfect companion and look good on your wrist.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000
Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000



So guys now let me know which one you would take along…







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38 replies on “A virtual mind game… Which watch would you take with you to the proverbial desert island?”
  1. says: Fernando Costa

    I am a watch fan, and I love Rolex, Panerai, Breitling, Omega, IWC, Patek, Audemars, DeBethune, etc…All fantastic brands with beautiful watches. But in a real situation of being in a desert island, and in pure practical terms, the obvious choice for me would be the Casio GWN1000B, equipped with Triple Sensors for Measuring Direction, Atmospheric Pressure/Altitude, Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure and Compass Bearing.Also charged with solar power (never stops) and (if in range) Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping. That wouldn’t arouse my esthetical needs, but would be much more usefull and reliable….

  2. says: Feras

    I would love to say the New remake seamaster but steel bracelet isn’t what you want in the desert trust me I live in the middle east and its 49c day time. So this will leave me with the blancpain

  3. says: orca

    The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Having a 5 days plus reserve would be so handy as it would be regrettable to leave the watch for one or two days and find out it has stopped and you have nothing to reset it to. Yes you could use a stick and make a sun clock but what if it is cloudy for a week?
    The Rolex or Omega on the other wrist out of your list, otherwise I would take my Tudor Pelagos: light titanium, indestructible ceramic bezel with great lume on both the dial and the bezel

  4. says: Mike

    Alexander, you did not state that this is a permanent holiday, just a visit of some duration. So….even though I own an Omega, I would choose the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms for this occasion. The canvas strap should hold up for a summer and take on a comfortable shape to my wrist over time. Plus, the dial is easily readable and cleanly designed. In all, it has the features I would want in a marine watch for exploring an island.

  5. says: Jon Messer

    Easy choices:
    I’d take the Blancpain {everywhere} and you should take the Seamaster…

    And if we’re on the same island, we can trade-off even and odd days.

    BTW: you didn’t say but, I wonder if there will be adequate supplies of Champagne?
    It truly affects the way to pass time!

  6. says: Andreas

    Right now I am sitting on a terrace above La Chaux-de-Fonds enjoying a great whisky after a delicious dinner. So this is exactly the topic I would have looked for.

    As a diver my favourite thing to do on that island would of course be diving. So it has to be a dive watch. I would pick my watch that I currently use for diving: the IWC Deep Two. It has a robust movement, there are a steel bracelet and a velcro strap (for diving) that you can exchange without a tool and it even has a depth gauge.

    As far as I know you Alexander are not diving. So I am sorry to have to confront you with the fact that this island might become a bit boring for you. You need a watch that is fun to look at. At Basel you where quite impressed by the Omega Seamaster 300. I think this would be your choice.

    1. Andreas, thank you for the comment! I am a diver and have to tell you that for diving I trust my Suunto plus a mechanical timepiece such as those mentioned here.

  7. says: DeanAsh

    None of the above. Breitling Emergency 2 would be the obvious choice. But being real, I’d want the most robust diver out there, the Zenith Defy Xtreme Open Chrono, which these days can be had NOS for less than the boring mass produced Rolex mentioned, and is in every way a more robust, better built watch.

  8. says: Sören Hüter

    Was soll ich denn mit einer Armbanduhr auf einer einsamen Insel anfangen?

    Aber falls vielleicht einmal Piraten auf die Insel kommen, dann nehme ich wohl doch besser die Rolex mit auf die Insel.
    Das tut nicht so weh im Herzen, wenn die Piraten mir diese Uhr wegnehmen würden 😉

    Und wenn ich wieder zu Hause bin, dann erfreue ich mich wieder an meine anderen schönen Uhren,……..die nicht von Rolex stammen.

  9. says: Billy

    None of the above although they are all fine watches. I would take a Grand Seiko, automatic, not the spring drives 🙂

  10. says: alex ioancio

    Blancpain fifty fathoms if it would be in metal bracelet
    Rolex sea dweller if it would be thinner
    omega seamaster if it had a date window
    panerai with metal bracelet

    so the choice is the 6th variant Rolex submariner black or green with date window

    ps cartier with romaqn numerals is something like bow-tie and swimming shorts
    roman numerals has nothing to do with utility

  11. says: Rainer

    I would take a Swatch 51 because I would not need neither batteries nor a service point.

  12. says: Steve

    Great topic.

    I take it this is a nice tropical desert island and I’ll assume we’re going there voluntarily to hang out with the natives (hope they have lots of rum). If that wasn’t the case and we’re marooned there, I would want a Brietling Emergency so as to make it easier for somebody to find me, rescue me and take me back to civilization.

    But of the five you propose, I would take the Omega Seamaster 300. You simply cannot beat a co-axial escapement in my book and Seamasters are one tough puppy. The other thing is that is has a metal bracelet and as I tend to sweat a good bit in heat, the metal would not deteriorate the same way a rubber or synthetic strap would so risk of losing it would be at a minimum. It also looks great and feeds a James Bond fantasy which could be a way to beat boredom if there are no natives. I’m sure I could keep up with the months and years, btw, so no need for a perpetual calendar complication. The other thing that I have noticed through the years is that Omegas tend to score much higher than most other brands in Watchtime tests.

    For yourself Alexander, I think you would take the Seamaster also as I believe you’re a big fan of the Swatch Group.

  13. says: DMJ

    I would pick the Omega to my left wrist and the Cartier to my right. This Panerai stays out because it’s just too big for me. The Rolex would be very usefull to negociate something with natives because they, just like the majority of the Rolex buyers, probably don’t know anything else, ahahaha!

  14. says: Debashish

    I am an Indian and live in Kolkata, so 36 Celsius is no big deal for me.

    Anyway, I shall always take my favourite Rolex with me. If I am allowed to take another watch, then I shall choose Omega.

  15. says: Tom A.

    From this list, I’d take the Rolex; I think that Alex will pick the vintage Omega.
    But I have in fact the watch that I’d really bring: my Seiko Tuna, one of the sturdiest dive watches ever, more likely to survive on a desert island than any of the above, except perhaps the Rolex. Tunas exist in (quality) quartz or automatic. Since I’d be unlikely to survice more than 5 years on such an island, I’d probably tak ethe quartz for extra reliability – its battery life is around 5 years.

  16. says: Pascal R

    Great topic Alexander, and a lot to be said about which is THE ideal companion in those conditions…

    To stick to your question though, I would go for the SeaDweller I guess, but could have lived with the FF or Seamaster as well.

  17. says: Robinoz

    Now, here’s an off topic question … why does the Cartier watch use Roman numerals for part of the dial and not on all of the dial eg, 4, 5, 7 and 8 are just straight rectangles? Is it because of space restrictions? It looks odd.

  18. says: Robinoz

    I live in hot temperatures most of the year, however, there isn’t a lovely beach nearby. If I was going to the beach, any of the watches would suffice, they are all good quality and waterproof. I personally like the Cartier and I would wear it or the Panerai to the beach because they have rubber/composite watch straps and therefore less likely to get sand in the strap. Both the Rolex and Omega are watches to die for (so to speak), but they are too nice to romp about the beach with … I’d wear the Omega to dinner and perhaps the Rolex when touring about the city/town.

    My guess is, you Alexander would choose the Rolex.

  19. says: Eugene

    Alexander, firstly, I just wonder if the Green Sub could be a more appealing (and refreshing) replacement for the Sea-Dweller if one is heading to a desert island. Otherwise, the Cartier would work best for me, especially if the island turns out to be a little boring and there is nothing much else to admire. As for yourself, I am of the opinion that the “Fifty” would be a perfect match.

  20. says: Reg F

    Of those listed in your post, I’d go the %0 Fathoms.

    But if you truly were stranded, I’d be reaching for my Casio G-Shock as Dartagnan mentioned. It also can tell you the temperature and which way is North.

    Much as I love my mechanical collection, The G-Shock does everything.

    About the only other contender would be Breitlings rescue-ready device, which presumes that you may wish to leave the island at some point

  21. says: Jason Sloán

    Has to be the Rolex, my GMT Master I I hasn’t let me down in 7 years and has only had to be wound once.

  22. says: Dave

    Of the five you propose, I’d pick the FF. It’s easy to read and the strap looks comfortable. I like the beautiful blue dial version. The new Cartier Diver would be my second choice. I think you would select the Rolex.

  23. says: Guy

    Alex it must be the Rolex. but like Dartagnan I would slip in a really durable radio controlled watch in too.
    But wait! I am on a desert island. So do I care about time? The way you pitched the game I want to look good at the club so it has to be the Rolex.

    Seriously may favorite watch is an earlier Rolex Explorer II.

  24. says: Dartagnan

    Alexander, great thought experiment. I personally think you would pick the Rolex – tried and true and very reliable.

    On a separate note, unless you’re a watchmaker with tools, you’re going to find it difficult to maintain any of these watches. Hence, given the fact that I might be on this island for the rest of my days, I would pick a watch with water resistance (for ruggedness), a perpetual calendar (I’m going to be here for a while – may as well know the date as well as the time), and a silicon escapement (less friction and maintenance). If you do go diving on this island, you probably won’t go beyond 100 feet underwater – unless you’re a free-diving specialist. But you would still need something that could handle the rough-and-tumble of island living, so a screw-down crown would probably be mandatory. Quartz is out of the question, because battery life is limited to at most 10 years. Solar powered may be the way to go. A leather strap would deteriorate quickly; a fabric strap would be longer wearing, but not indefinitely – so I’m going with a steel/titanium bracelet. Rubber would eventually crack and split. Which watch meets all of these criteria?… so for practicality reasons only, I’m going with a Casio G-shock Atomic Solar watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet. If I can throw practicality largely out the window, i.e. sacrifice perpetual calendar and free power from the sun, I’d pick the Breguet Type XXII on a metal bracelet.

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