During the last weeks I saw innumerable Rolex Submariner on wrists. That’s a phenomenon! Is this the official club-watch for hedonistic use in summer?

Rolex Submariner Date steel with NatorStrap

Now I am curious and I want to ask you: Which one is the coolest? I have put together all the actual Rolex Submariner, from steel, steel-gold to gold and in all its color variations. Have a look!

If there was one timepiece I saw the most this summer then it was the legendary Rolex Submariner. Guys, that’s a real phenomenon! It seems the Rolex Submariner is still the latest fashion to wear during summer, something like the official club-watch for the international hedonistic community.

I could not resist the temptation to ask you: Please let me know which one you would choose or which one you like the most.

I am looking forward reading your comments!


Rolex Submariner steel
Rolex Submariner Steel no Date
Rolex Submariner Date steel
Rolex Submariner Date Steel
Rolex Submariner Date steel
Rolex Submariner Date Steel green dial and bezel
Rolex Submariner Date Yellow-Rolesor
Rolex Submariner Date Yellow-Rolesor
Rolex Submariner Date White Gold
Rolex Submariner Date White Gold
Rolex Submariner Date Yellow Gold
Rolex Submariner Date Yellow Gold



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  • I have the green and yellow steel gold.both r beautiful pieces in their own right but the white gold blue dial is exceptional…green dial pc is great because the colour green is unique and reflect ‘rolex’ . All in all i think the gold two tone gold is the best!!! Just got the deep sea special ed. James Cameron… i think it the most beautiful pc todate of the deepsea family.

  • Definitely the Dep Sea, date without the tacky lens, thicker vintage look glass, less wider shoulders, sole minus is the all minutes marckers on the bezel, but this is not critical! Regards to All!

  • green bezel on green dial definitely my choice
    as I mentioned previously , i have a pretty nice watch collection but until now I don’t have a Rolex. In the next 12 months I will buy one!
    Guys do you know a place with considerable discount.!!!!!

  • Green is such an unusual color for a watch dial and bezel so the “coolest” has to be the green. Besides, it is my personal favorite and as not too many are produced, it is sort of rare, adding to the coolness factor.

  • Hi Alexander,

    I own the Submariner Green Bezel on Green Dial. I absolutely love it and is so far my favorite one amongst its respective collection. Maybe seeing too many Black on Black makes it a bit too ordinary for it eventhougj there is nothing ordinary about it. That being said if you had listed Deepsea I would have chosen than one as my first choice.

  • I think it is one of the most popular watches ever made, moreover, it is also a great watch.

    I own one of these.

  • The Green one, nice modern évolution with a Twist

    Otherwise I would clearly go vintage with a Nice 5512 or 13

    But to me , summer means travel, so I prefer The pepsi GMT 1675, that is a cool summer watch!

  • No doubt, green dial & bezel. A very recognizable color variation. Thank God for smartphones – nobody is paying attention to your wrist anymore 🙂

    • If you actually dive with your Sub as I do,you can’t wear a Yachtmaster, as the bezel turns both ways which is no good for keeping track of how long you’ve been under water.

  • The yellow gold steel by far!!!
    I bought it on 1991 and my son 20 years old is the owner now and love it ! All time” classic”.

  • There are talks that the new Rolex movement are made in very close tolerances that premature wear on moving parts is more likely. Any truth to this?

  • Not many Rolex’s appeal to me, but the green bezel, green dial “Hulk” is possibly the only exception to that.

    Maybe one day. But your opening statement is partly why I’m not drawn to the marque. It’s soooo commonly used as a nouveau riche statement by people who would know a decent watch from a bangle.

    I know that’s not everybody, but way to common for me

  • When I was a teenager living In Miami Beach & started scuba diving, I purchased A Rolex Sub for $250.00, before the James Bond movies came out. 17 years ago, I traded It for the Steel & Gold Sub. 14 years ago, I bought an all Gold Sub with the Blue face & I love It. Divers sometimes ask me if I actually dive with It & I tell them that’s what it was made for. I don’t expect to ever own any other watch.

    • Bang on Phil, dive watches are for diving. Keep ’em clean, service regularly and wear for life.

  • There are so many Subs out there it’s… Anyway, my preference would be the Hulk if, they only made a no date. So, black no date is my preference. Total love hate relationship with Rolex, great value, reliable, yet…

  • I would like to have white gold version on my wrist but considering its high price black steel with date will be my realistic choice. I prefer date one.

    • You and me Amir, clean, uncluttered and hidden in plain sight. My 14060 is my favourite watch of all time.

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