This episode about the perpetual calendar of The Man´s Guide to Haute Horlogerie produced together with IWC is my favorite one. The superstar today is Kurt Klaus who presents the episode.

In 1983 Kurt Klaus invented the legendary IWC Perpetual Calendar including its full four-digit-year-indication. Until today it is a perfectly working mechanism that continues to power various IWC-models.

Kurt Klaus, IWC Ambassador and Master Watchmaker, today is a legend. At the time being Kurt Klaus was a visionary and pioneer when he invented his famous perpetual calendar that was used over many years first in the old and wonderful Da Vinci in combination with a chronograph and then made its way through the other IWC collections. The Kurt Klaus’ perpetual calendar mechanism is one of the most sold worldwide or even the most sold. I think no other watch manufacturer ever sold so many perpetual calendars as IWC in fact did.

Let us now welcome Kurt Klaus with a thunderous virtual applause. Kurt Klaus will give you some insights of his construction and then IWC-master-watchmaker Christian Bresser will tell you in which models IWC today is still using the Kurt Klaus mechanism.









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  • The annual and perpetual calendars have always been my favorite complications, and as the years pass there have been so many interesting solutions to the challenge of the Gregorian calendar.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre has a manual wind 8 day perpetual calendar that has great similarity to the IWC design. Ludwig Oechslin designed an all-gear driven perpetual movement for Ulysse Nardin that permits extensive adjustments that cannot be performed on lever-operated calendars such as IWC’s and JL’s. Patek developed the first annual calendar and has been followed by Omega and others.

    Thank you for this excellent presentation.


  • I know and met Kurt Klaus, he is such an interesting personality and he was so nice to us. The stories he told us were thrilling, especially the one about the perpetual calendar. I loved to see him again in this video.

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