Have you ever been to Glashütte in Saxony? See my photos and my HD video!

I suppose most of you have not been there yet. So I invite you to see Glashütte from a bird´s eye perspective.

The huge terrace of the new Moritz Grossmann manufactory building offers an extraordinary bird´s eye perspective of Glashütte in Saxony.

In the village you find the A. Lange & Söhne, Glashütte Original, Nomos, Tutima and of course Moritz Grossmann. But also some small manufacturers as SUG, that produces cases. Everyone is located at the “Altenberger Strasse”, the main road of Glashütte.

From the terrace of Moritz Grossmann I was able to take some incredible nice pictures and I was able to make this HD-video.


Guys, welcome to Glashütte!


A. Lange & Söhne





Glashütte Original







and Moritz Grossmann with its now “famous” terrace …





And here is my virtual tour through Glashütte in Saxony. Please enjoy my HD video!





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9 replies on “Have you ever been to Glashütte in Saxony? See my photos and my HD video!”
  1. says: Lilit Tshughuryan

    Very nice and unique place.
    Thanks for such a great article full of images and details.
    Hope to have a chance and visit Glashütte.

  2. says: roadster ny

    Alexander I extremely enjoyed this article and someday I will want to see this marvelous quaint town with my wife. Thank you for showing it.
    BTW how are accommodations?…chain hotels or mostly inns?…pls advise

    1. The best is to stay in a hotel in Dresden and to combine both, Glashütte and the wonderful city of Dresden. Go online an have a look what Dresden has to offer … Stunning!

  3. says: Bill Swan

    Thank you for another very interesting piece.
    Your posts always provide a great deal of enjoyment.
    Best regards, Bill.

  4. says: Inge Beckham (Kasper)

    This little village was once my home town (1945-1956, where I spent the most carefree years of my life. Now, that I have lived in the US for almost 58 years, I wished I “could go home again”. I miss the “small village style”. If anyone still knows Dr. Heinz-Peter Thomas, say “hello” to him and give him my email address. It would be fun to hear from him again. Alles Gute fuer 2014!
    Inge Kasper Beckham

  5. says: Fred Tapper

    What a great idea to be able to show pictures of factories etc., of things only one could imagine while reading “Watchinsider”.

    1. Glashütte is really a village and everyone knows everyone. So in between the companies there are no real secrets …

      If you can you once should visit Glashütte and combine it with Dresden …

  6. says: Debashish

    Glashutte seems to be extremely laid-back with a rustic charm.

    Thanks a lot for the fabulous pictures!

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