I´m really touched! Shu Watanabe from Japan posted a very emotional comment.

Guys, I am touched by all your comments and the feedback you give. It´s like the applause for the artist, no money could ever substitute it. Today please read Shu´s comment. I simply invite you to share his emotions.   

Hello Shu, thank you so much for posting your so emotional comment to THIS article.


… “Thank you so much, Alexander.

I decided to buy a watch after reading this article. One day, I saw a watch at the store. It remained in my mind for some reason. Then, I read your article by chance. So I’ve noticed what was in the mood. “Mechanism” itself of the mechanical watch. Yes, Tissot T-Complication Squelette is the one. Wonderful world of mechanical watches, this is the first step for me and I will continue to travel through there now. Your article is going to be a best map.

Many thanks, Shu” …


Shu, I am really touched! That´s great!

But I also have to warn you: Once you start with mechanical watches you very quickly get addicted. It´s a serious disease that only can be treated by buying more and more mechanical watches… 🙂

Never mind ! I am sure the Tissot will not be your last mechanical watch you buy. If my articles shall be a kind of map for your future investments in watches I would be very honored. I promise you I will do my best not to disappoint you.

Now I do wish you that your new Tissot T-Complication Squelette will always indicate you pleasant hours.

All the best Shu,





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  • I special ordered and now have the same watch after reading the article here. Alex thank you for the wonderful insight into the world of these magnificent creations. Shu enjoy your watch as much as I am enjoying mine.

  • Once the novelty wears off you will soon realize how much bother it is to always keep the mechanical watch charged if you own and want to wear your other watches as well . I would only buy another mechanical watch if I won the lottery, then I would get a really expensive one .
    Now I can only wear my quartz chronograph watch if I put the mechanical watch in the watch winder that I purchased for it. Not sure where to put my Kinetic watch, I consider it a hybrid, part mechanical and part quartz ?

  • Yes indeed is a very serious disease
    Once you started it is not going to stop
    My friends involved in watch business and every time a pass by they are showing me something new and beautiful at exceptional price. they know I can’t say stop
    Now I do have more than 5 dozens and the list is growing.
    Second about Alex’s comments
    I am not a licker and I can speak out that are very pertinent even if you are novice you can find out something that is happening under the hood of specific watches and they seem that are equidistant and I hope that you are not bribed( talking about you alex) by some watch company , to speak nice about some products.
    So , keep going alex

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