I invite you to discover my personal top 3 chronographs up to date

STOP!  STOP! Guys before you click, I do want to ask to think for a moment which 3 models I am going to present you. What do you expect are my top 3 chronographs?


Up to date these are my 3 favorite chronographs. It´s my personal choice and nothing more, it´s not a thumb up or down for other brands. Of course there are many more chronographs on the market some of you might like more. I can even imagine that my choice is highly controversial. So PLEASE add a comment by announcing your personal top 3 chronographs. Guys, I am really curious to learn more of your taste and preferences.

Now back to mine.

The first chronograph in my opinion the most beautiful and sophisticated chronograph ever done. Yes, it is the A. Lange & Söhne Datograph. No matter if we speak about the “old” version or the new one recently presented. The only difference in-between the two is the size and some little modifications within the caliber. The new Datograph did by no means devalue the original one. In my opinion one should, if you can afford, own both. The “old” Datograph (Lange stopped its production meanwhile) is a cultic timepiece. Until today ALL other chronographs are unable to hold a candle to the Datograph. Unless the new and actual one. Please take some time and view the beauty of that movement. Maybe some of you then will ask the same question I always ask. Why can´t we wear the Datograph the wrong way round?

Guys this is BIG horological cinema. No one can do better! Sorry my friends from Patek Philippe not even you 🙂

Do enlarge the pictures by clicking on them and then once again… You will be able to discover unbelievable details 🙂

This is the “old” Datograph:

A.Lange & Söhne_Datograph_1 A.Lange & Söhne_Datograph_2

A.Lange & Söhne_Cal.L951_1_Datograph


This is the new Datograph AUF/AB (UP/Down):

A.Lange & Söhne_DATOGRAPH_AUF_AB_0

A.Lange & Söhne_DATOGRAPH_UP_DOWN_01

A.Lange & Söhne_DATOGRAPH_AUF_1

A.Lange & Söhne_DATOGRAPH_AUF_AB_2



A.Lange & Söhne_DATOGRAPH_AUF_AB_Cal.L951.6

The second chronograph is the Omega Speedmaster and Omega Speedmaster Professional. I collect Speedmaster´s since 30 years now and still I can´t get enough of this superb chronograph, as long we talk about the original Moon Watch and all its declinations and limitations. In my opinion there is NO other chronograph with such a rich history then the Speedmaster. And, look at the design: It never came out of fashion and has been copied like crazy. In terms of movements Omega on the one hand side keeps the legendary Lémania hand wound caliber alive and on the other side fits in more and more the latest generation of chronograph calibers as the “9300”. Very clever!

Omega knows how to treat this horological pearl and continues to delivers food for collectors like me.

These are various executions of the Speedmaster:


Omega_Speedmaster_LimitedEdition_First Omega in space


Omega_Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph


Omega_Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph_311.



The third chronograph is the TAG Heuer Monaco Twenty Four housing the legendary and iconic El Primero chronograph caliber from sister company Zenith. The Monaco design is one of the best ever done and the El Primero caliber one of the most iconic chronograph calibers ever built. Guys, what do you want more? Combining both in one watch was a wonderful idea. By the way the huge Monaco is an eye catcher par excellence and always offers room for questions and discussions. The four tiny shock absorbers holding and protecting the movement enable the owner to really see through the watch. Nothing is hidden! This is another watch that offers BIG horological cinema.

TAG Heuer Monaco_Twenty_Four_CAL5111

TAG Heuer_Monaco_Twenty_FourThis is another execution, but I like the blue one much more …


TAG heuer_MONACO_TwentyFour




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25 replies on “I invite you to discover my personal top 3 chronographs up to date”
  1. says: John Gage

    I am new to this blog and am enjoying it very much !

    My top three chronograph:

    1) Patek Philippe ref 2499

    2) Lange & Söhne Datograph

    3) Longines 13ZN ref 23086

    If I could somehow squeeze a fourth ! 😉

    It would be:

    4) Patek ref 1463 (in steel)

    In my humble opinion all legendary watches with exceptional calibers and COMPLETELY put of my budget !!!

  2. says: Willie Scholz

    As an affordable option I would go with the new Hydroconquest ….. Great Chronos and the least expensive on the market….

  3. says: DMJ

    My Top 3 Chronograph Choices:

    1 – IWC Pilot Top Gun Chronograph;

    2 – Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days Chrono Flyback (PAM00524)

    3 – Vacheron Constantin Overseas

    There’s also others that I reaaly enjoy, like IWC Portuguese Yatch Club or IWC Portuguese Chrono, Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono and the new TAG Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph.

  4. says: Jay

    Great choices…the blog is always a joy to read…my choices: pp 5204 / ap royal oak chrono / Newman Daytona / lange 1815 split second…I’m a little surprised that nobody picked the jlc duo metre chrono which I think is a stunning time piece.

  5. says: Jason1

    The original McQueen Monaco is much nicer than the very fussy 24 version. Newman Daytona which i own and dato graph would be my other 2 as well as the original Monaco . Great variety in comments shows the diversity available.

  6. says: franz


    Good choice,
    I do agree with one and two, the TAG would not be on my list, too expressionistic and too big. Maybe the Monza with the ElPrimero which was offered a few years ago would be a compromise.
    Instead of this, I would prefer the old IWC Portugieser Rattrapante or even better its real successor, the Habring Doppel 2.0 from your home country which was launched last year.



  7. says: igor


    what a pleasant surprise for me, I do have two watches from your top 3 list. No need to mention, no. 1 to expensive to own for a moment but who knows what future brings…
    4th place Chopard Mille Migla GMT
    5th place Eberhardt Chrono 4
    6th place IWC Portugizer automatic
    7th place Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaut
    8th place Corum Tides 48
    This is a list of watches that are still available for a reasonable amount of money, dream list next time!

  8. says: Thomas

    my choice would be: AP Royal Offshore an absolute must for every watch collector – Omega Speedmaster the original old version – then the classic of all chronos – Rolex Daytona with the Zenith movement – Tag Heuer Carrera, IWC would be next on my list.

  9. says: alex ioancio

    And for the real thing
    Datograph is something of a milestone , even the Patek Philippe guys had taken seriously this menace.It is suitable for size, readibilty, artistry, and craftmanship. The only thing I think is the price which is for every blue collar !!!!!!!

    Second it must be a chronograph padre- Heuer, you name it!Personally my option is for a regular caliber and not the 36000 one because of the reliabilty and long life!

    and like in judo the bronze consists from two contestants Breitling caliber 01 and omega planet ocean caliber 9300 or 9301.

    not necesarilly in this order.
    And of course Daytona or Cosmograph from Rolex, you can see the Rolex guys made everything posibble to make the Zenith engine as reliable as possible and reduced the frequency.

    It would be better a top 10 because we are ungrateful to many very very good engines like Vacheron , Jaeger, Patek , panerai and so on.
    Best for you my brother in name

  10. says: Tom

    Hi Alexander,
    I am relatively new to your blog and I really do like it very much. Your work is greatly appreciated. My top three chromos:

    #1 – If money is no object – Patek Philippe Ref. 5951P-001

    #2 – Undisputed king of chromos – SS Rolex Daytona Ref. 116520

    #3 – Affordable category – Longines HydroConquest Chronograph

    Consolation Prize – Breguet Type XXII 10Hz Ref. 3880ST

    Having fun with it,

  11. says: Amir

    I also have to ask Alex what he thinks of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (and it’s Offshore brother) chronographs? I like their overall aesthetics; however my watch making friend “looks down” on them because they are modular chronographs. Thoughts?

  12. says: Mircea

    Very nice choices, Alexander. My favorites are (not necessarily in this order): IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph, reference IW390210 or IW390211, Louis Moinet Nelson Piquet Chronograph Steel, reference LM-33.10.20/21 and Carl F. Bucherer Patravi TravelTec FourX, reference 00.10620.21.93.01.

    I don’t know how it was for you, but for me it was a bit difficult to name just 3 chronographs. Perhaps it would have been easier to name 13 or 30… 😉

  13. says: Amir

    I have to echo what others have said about the great choices Alex has made. I would probably just add a Rolex Daytona (preferably with the Zenith movement).

  14. says: Steve Cseplo

    I too can’t argue with Alexanders choices. Especially as I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a previously owned Monaco many years ago at a quite reasonable price. Personally I would have gone for the Omega Planet Ocean chronograph though, mainly because I’m in love with co-axial escapements. And who could argue with A. Lange & Sohne?

    So my top three? Let’s go with a Monaco, a Planet Ocean chronograph and a Ball Spacemaster Orbital. I just love all the tritium tubes and the watches appearance in the dark.

    BTW, at the time, I went for a Ball Spacemaster Glow as that was what the had in stock and it’s also like the most function I get from a chronograph is timing my tea’s steeping or the commute to work. ‘-)

  15. says: Steve Ball

    Hard to argue with your choices! I would agree the Datograph is #1 (if only I could afford one). My other two personal favorites are the Vacheron Overseas chrono and the IWC Portuguesier chrono. The IWC has a fantastic, precision looking dial and is the bargain of the bunch.

    Though I have to admit I rarely use the chrono function other than timing the chicken on the grill or the time remaining on the parking meter, I still am attracted to the style.

  16. says: Nick Senn

    The first thought I got “this guy has some very expensive tastes” :))

    Otherwise I consider this chronograph function totally useless, so I’m not going to put my favorite.

    1. says: alex ioancio

      Nick you remind me a joke
      When the old illiterate guy goes to the conquest announcement for multilingual secretary job.
      When the jury sees him asks him: hey dude , why did you come here when everybody knows that you are illiterate!!
      The guy answered : yes of course it is true but I came here to say that you are not going in any circumstances rely on me!

      So if you consider the chrono futile why did you answer????

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