Live from Geneva from the press conference: Omega announces its own testing procedure for the entire watch guaranteed by METAS

With the today’s announcement of Omega the entire Swiss watch industry will have to rethink the value of COSC-testing of movements. The METAS-certification is the future…

Omega now goes a huge step further. To establish a much more rigid test for now the entire watch and no longer just the movement the customer gets a real proof of the capabilities of an Omega watch. Since 1862 METAS ( stands for independent testing and certifying, METAS also officially controls the testing procedures of COSC and now will officially certify  the quality of Omega watches and calibres.

The new METAS-test not only controls the deviation of a calibre, but also its performance under real life conditions and it includes finally the entire watch! Magnetism, the real today’s enemy of a mechanical watch, plays a major role.

METAS will control the watch to withstand 15.000 Gauss and a guarantee a deviation from 0 to + 5 seconds a day under different conditions and temperatures. Plus various testing procedures guaranteeing the watch to be waterproof. Each watch is tested under water.

All testing prodedures and results are accessible for the customer after buying his watch. Everything is transparent, even the testing procedure at the Omega HQs in Biel in Switzerland.

But the new METAS-test is not only reserved for Omega. Every company can test its watches under the conditions of the new METAS-test.

The METAS-test will increase the general quality of Swiss made watches that’s for sure and COSC in the way it is done today in my eyes has no future…

This was live from the press conference here in Geneva. More to come in some minutes, hours…

Update 11:26: On the dial Omega will print: Master-Co Axial Officially Certified

Update 11:29: Mr. Hayek invites the entire Swiss watch industry to make more efforts to become better and better and to strengthen the Swiss made.

Update 11:33: People as why the standard is set at 15.000 Gauss. Hayek says: We have to set new standards, push the limits, be better than our competitors and magnetic fields increase every day. It’s about defending the Swiss made or what the Swiss made is able to do…

Update 11:46: More and more watches come to after sales services being magnetised, only a lot of brands have no answers to the problem.

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  • It would be interesting to see what Rolex is doing next. Again one company is moving forward the other stands still and is riding on their name and history. I like Omega since I am a kid I never liked Rolex until I bought a Daytona 20 years ago. But as a watch lower look what both companies have done in the last 30 years. Please Rolex wake up and push the envelope.

  • I wonder if Longines (going down) or Breguet (going up) will apply for the same certification? The PP seal, the New Geneva Seal, the Fleurier Seal and now this Metas Seal (or battery of tests) all make me appreciate the quite, humble launch of the Master Control in-house seal in 1992. JLC saw the need then, and it took the industry almost 2 decades to begin addressing and raising the standards.

  • Officially Certified? Seriously? Superlatively???? I very much like Omega, but this rolexian mimicing sometimes bothers me (PCL, Millgauss/>15.000 Gauss, now officially certified) Omega is a strong brand in it´s own right, IMHO surpassing Rolex in “bang for the buck”-watches. Shouldn´t curry favour 🙂

    • Wrong approach my friend. This has nothing to do with Rolex. This is a question of certifying officially what Omega today is able to do. And to push others to increase their quality.

      • I see your point, Alex. What i meant to say: Omega is a part of my watch-life for 30 years now. And over the last couple of years, i see how they go “all in” to finally get back to the top, in front of Rolex (in terms of sales), where they were until end of 60s. And the use every means to appeal to those “Rolexians”. Now even “officialy certified” 🙂 Their ambition is very much appreciated just seems not very subtle 🙂

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