Maurice Lacroix presents two new watches in the Les Classiques Automatic collection

Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Collection

A very classical look, the motto once again: less is more. Classic sells! With this novelty Maurice Lacroix offers a mechanical watch under 1000 Euro.

At a first view I liked them, but then I saw that their diameter is only 38 mm. In my eyes a watch should measure 40 to 42 mm. Why presenting such a tiny watch to the markets? Who will buy it in Europe? Women? Is Maurice Lacroix only focusing on the Asian customer? And even they like to buy bigger watches meanwhile. Just look what Baume & Mercier did with its Clifton collection. All these watches have a reasonable diameter and that´s why the Clifton sells so well.

By the way, thinking/writing about Baume & Mercier … It can´t be a coincidence that Maurice Lacroix presents these watches. Obviously the brand is inspired by the huge success Baume & Mercier has with its Clifton and now hopes to sell in exactly the same segment …

I am not sure if a client compares the Baume & Mercier Clifton to the Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Collection what he will finally choose … The Maurice Lacroix looks nice and I am sure the overall quality is good as well… But size matters!

What do you think? Are 38 mm ok? That´s pretty small nowadays! Please let me know what you think!

The Maurice Lacroix watches are equipped with a ML 115 calibre (= Sellita SW 200). The steel case is waterproof up to 30 meters. The price: 995 Euro including 19 % VAT

And here are the two new models that will be available as of January 2014…


Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Collection
Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Collection
Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Collection
Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Collection





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10 replies on “Maurice Lacroix presents two new watches in the Les Classiques Automatic collection”
  1. says: Amir

    This is a tough call. Generally, I do not make statements like something is too big or too small; it is relative to the person wearing it and for what occasion. With this model, perhaps what Alex is reacting to are all the design cues on the dial. We have a minute ring, another texture for the hour markers, and yet another sunburst pattern for the inner-dial. These design flares may not work on such a small diameter. It would be easier to tell if I saw the watch in person– but though the watch is a three-hander– the dial is in fact quite “busy”. There may not be enough breathing room for all of these elements. Most smaller diameter watches that look good tend to have very sober dials.

  2. says: Andreas

    A not so long while ago I would have stated that the absolute minimum size for me is 40mm. Then I bought a watch with 39mm – classic style, two hands, ultra thin, white dial. With this watch 39mm are fine for me. There is another watch with 39mm in my focus. There is also a 47mm watch in my focus but that one is a sporty model. There are elegant watches in my collection with 42mm and 43mm. And concerning these watches I am now able to notice that they are indeed big.

    I am still sure that 36 is too small for me but I am not so sure anymore about 38.

  3. says: Alec Seville

    As a new collector, I tend to buy what I like to wear on my wrist but because I have small wrists most watches over 45mm just look daft. Why can’t more manufacturers provide a range of sizes? This would probably make a lot more watches attractive to women as well, equals more sales!

  4. says: jeremy

    It is really interesting for me to read the feedback from you guys on the smaller watch sizes. Recently i was very tempted to purchase a Sinn 556i as the overall aviator style and simplicity really appeals to me. However, I could not get past how “small” it was to me at 38.5mm. Yet at the same time, I find myself saying to other watch collectors that I do not like “big” watches, which to me is anything 45mm and up. I guess I am curious to understand why 40mm and under is now considered “small”, 41mm-44mm appears to be the “medium”, and 45mm is “large”. I wonder if this perception has anything to do with age (I am 35), relative watch collecting age (I am newer to watch collecting at about only 4-5 years in), and/or something to do with the cultures that we live in (I am in the US where we coined the ridiculous and absurd phrase “bigger is better”. I appreciate reading the feedback, makes me wonder if I should reconsider that 556.

  5. says: Chris

    I would just add that manufacturers are jumping on the “big watch” fad by increasing the size of cases but using existing movements, with the result that displays (such as the date) move inboard. That is accentuated by this design as the dial has a defined outer circle for the hour markers – the date does not sit in that circle but cuts across the border. Sloppy design. It would look much better if the case was smaller to allow the date to appear in the proper place.

  6. says: Petr

    38mm is more than perfect size for a dress watch – why on earth does everyone wants BIG dress watches these days???

      1. says: Rainer Fitz

        Hi folks, I am wearing a Zenith Sporto today, made in 1951 for the Turkish Railways. Probably even a bit smaller than 38 mm and wearing perfectly. After simple cleaning keeping time better than one could expect after more than 60 years. However, not sure that it is a bling bling eye-catcher?

      2. says: Chris

        Nothing wrong with 38mm, but I think it depends on the amount of information on the dial. A watch should be no bigger than it needs to be. A chrono or calendar watch with subdials needs to be bigger than a simple watch to remain legible. But a watch which shows only time (or time and date) needs to be no bigger than 36 or 37mm. A 40mm time-only watch has a vast area of empty space which does not appeal to me. My daily watch is a 36mm Rolex Explorer 1 which I find perfect.

      3. says: alex

        yes I tried recently 38 mm on my wrist which is pretty big and after a while it suits me ok. Depends very much how stuffed is the dial. If it is a 3 hander it is ok . If it is a chrono things are going to be crowded a lttle bit. But recently I bought a Chronoswiss big complication and it is a 38er and it looks very very well. Believe me.I think it depends on how the image is integrated in your cortex. De gustibus
        Cheers man

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