My Top 15 Chronographs 2014

These are the 15 chronographs that made it on my list this year. It´s a very, very personal choice and I am therefor looking forward to read your comments that are of course as always highly appreciated …


You meanwhile know me, in such a case my lists are in alphabetical order… so there is no number one but 15 number one watches for 2014. Unfortunately I cannot deliver you the actual correct prices to all the watches shown, so I decided not to mention any prices. Anyhow this list is very much about big emotions and for sure not a price comparison.

Please enjoy the pictures and be sure to continue reading this post until the end (=page 15!). You never know which watch will be the next, but I promise you every time you click on “continue reading this post” you will discover the next stunning chronograph.

This is the first one…


Alpina Genève Alpiner4 Chronograph

Congratulations to Alpina the sister company of Frédérique Constant. This is very good looking 44 mm chronograph in a steel case. The watch is equipped with either an ETA/Valjoux 7750 or a Sellita SW 500 calibre.

You can find more information about the chronograph HERE


Alpina Genève Alpiner4 Chronograph
Alpina Genève Alpiner4 Chronograph
Alpina Genève Alpiner4 Chronograph
Alpina Genève Alpiner4 Chronograph
Alpina Genève Alpiner4 Chronograph
Alpina Genève Alpiner4 Chronograph
Alpina Genève Alpiner4 Chronograph
Alpina Genève Alpiner4 Chronograph
Alpina Genève Alpiner4 Chronograph
Alpina Genève Alpiner4 Chronograph




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18 replies on “My Top 15 Chronographs 2014”
  1. says: Andreas

    After not having been able to go to Basel I just recently had the opportunity to put the Sinn U1000 B on my wrist. Now I understand you, Alexander. This watch is so stunning cool! Pictures are not able to transport this.

    I also was prompted to compare a normal steel watch case with a tegimented one by scratching both with a small tool. The result on the normal case was what you would expect: terrible (it was really hard for me to do this). But on the Tegiment surface: nothing!

  2. says: Mezdis

    Alex, two thumbs up for your great selection!

    Looking at all these great watches, it is actually sad that one (at least I) is not able to buy 15 Chronos a year 😉

  3. says: Edwin Tschopp

    Great choice! Only one point: I am missing the Omega Dark Side of the Moon which is a true stunner and an atomic bomb.

    1. says: Andreas

      I already ordered my favourite chrono of 2014 – the Montblanc Pulsograph. So actually I don’t need this compilation. But I like it a lot. It is a broad overview across very different brands.

      Itai, the movement is even more tempting when you see it in reality. But, the way movements are produced at Minerva creates a natural limitation. And now they even produce movements for Panerai. I think the chance for a less limited edition of the Pulsograph is slim.

      1. says: Itai

        Thank you Andreas, I hope you are wrong regarding the non limited edition 🙂

  4. says: Jon Messer

    Were money no object…?
    The Blancpain, Debethune & JLC.
    ALL “woof” especially on the wrist!

  5. says: alex ioancio

    In my humble opinion the Alpina is the cocoo egg here
    The rest is pretty much exceptional!

    1. Alex, don’t be so severe with Alpina. The new generation of chronographs not just looks good also the quality is at a level you would not expect. These watches are for sure not the cuckoo egg here

  6. says: Peter Maiz

    Somehow, its the Blancpain for me. I love the black dial and the sporty strap.

  7. says: Hans


    Thanks for sharing this collection.
    The Zenith El Primero 410 is on top of my list!

  8. says: Amir

    I checked out the Omega Mark II in person and it looks better than any picture I’ve seen of the watch.

    The bezel on the Airbourne reminds me how much I dislike the bezel on the current Chronomats.

  9. says: Jason Howes


    That is a very nice collection. I particularly like the Glashütte Senator, the DeBethune DB29 (God, I wish I could afford one of each) and of course the Speedmaster Mark II. Even though I am a die hard Seamaster fan, I will probably end up owning one of these. And yes, I couldn’t agree more, the El Primero 410 should be inducted into the ‘Hall-of-Fame’. There is one, right? 🙂 Nice one!



  10. says: DeanAsh

    I am surprised that the Panerai Radiomir 1940 Chronographs did not make your selection.
    Expensive, yes, but significant, and highly desirable even for a non Panerai follower like me.

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