Paintings and mechanical watches go well together. It´s unsurprisingly since both are artworks. Tonight I lend my stage of watches to Nestor. Let me introduce you to some of his paintings.

Painting of Nestor Ferronato

Some days ago the Italian painter Nestor wrote me an email. Attached to it he sent me some pictures of his newest paintings. After viewing them I thought: why not sharing them with you?

I know: Tastes differ…

I personally like his paintings; they are vibrant and they also reflect the passion of watchmaking and the technical side of a mechanical movement.

This is what Nestor wrote me:


Dear Alexander,

My name’s Nestor Ferronato, I am one of the many followers of your blog and I’ am a painter based in Milan.

Like you, also I love watches but in a different way that you do.

I have always found a “nexus” between certain watches and certain paintings, and is not a blasphemy to said that both has the same creativity level, originality, and represent the closer point among arts and crafts: there is many art in watches and there is many craft in paintings.

In these years, I’ve been stealing their mechanical “souls”, their metallic humanity, trying to interpret their scans, complications and vibrations as if they were alive, but in the same time I wanted to make something of my own, giving them, rhythm, lines, composition and colors that highlighting their magical identity.

So, thanks to you, to your blog, I’ve decided for the first time to show someone of my works and I will be very glad to know your opinion about them.

Thanks in advance for your precious time and eventually for your suggestions.

Nestor Ferronato


Now I am a curious to read your opinions about Netsor´s new paintings.

Please take a close look and then let me know what you think.


Painting of Nestor Ferronato
Painting of Nestor Ferronato
Painting of Nestor Ferronato
Painting of Nestor Ferronato
Painting of Nestor Ferronato
Painting of Nestor Ferronato
Painting of Nestor Ferronato
Painting of Nestor Ferronato
Painting of Nestor Ferronato
Painting of Nestor Ferronato






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  • I think that Nestor’s interpretation of the beauty and passion of wathches is fabulous. He has delightfully rendered his passion in visible form. As I would for instance render a flower if I had the gift of being able to paint.
    He has used color and texture like a master, and I see a golden future for his passion of watches, just like a friend of mine who has a passion for Painting Koi fishes and has done very well with her talent.
    She is even designing doctors waiting rooms and offices with her peaceful and calm paintings of Koi fishes.
    The doctors say that her paintings make the patients calm and reduce the “white coat syndrome” being the fear of doctors hurting you… :=)
    Amazing where your talent can take you.
    I encourage Nestor to pursue his talent to the fullest degree, He is unique, just as the watches he paints are unique.
    Thank you Alexander for sharing your great find. What is Nestor’s web address where we can view more of his masterpieces for sale.
    In His service,
    Durban South Africa

  • Rolex need somme serious innovation if they want to remain the leaders !
    Why don,t you introduce Nestor to them ?

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