The next generation of the Rolex Daytona what should it look like? A new proposal from Niklas.

Some minutes ago Niklas from Sweden wrote me an email proposing me his design for a new Rolex Daytona. Very cool indeed! Have a look and let me know what you think…


This is what Niklas wrote me:


“Hi Alexander, My name is Niklas Bergenstjerna.

I am a graphic designer and watch enthusiast from Sweden. I´m writing to you regarding your post about the next generation of the Daytona. Im a huge Rolex fan and this is my contribution. Its my idea of a new Daytona drawing inspiration from the past. My aim was to create a modern design that captures the simplicity and minimalistic style of the older Daytonas. The illustration is 100% made by me in Adobe Illustrator and naturally it has nothing to do with the Rolex company.

Thanks for a great blog!

Niklas Bergenstjerna”


Just to make it clear once again: This picture of the Rolex Daytona is of course an Adobe Illustrator creation. This Rolex does not (yet) exist!

So guys let me know what you think and if you are as talented as Niklas please do not hesitate to send me your proposal for the next generation of the Daytona.

Rolex Daytona created with an Adobe Illustrator by Niklas Bergenstjerna. Copyright Niklas Bergenstjerna
Rolex Daytona created with an Adobe Illustrator by Niklas Bergenstjerna.
Copyright Niklas Bergenstjerna






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16 replies on “The next generation of the Rolex Daytona what should it look like? A new proposal from Niklas.”
  1. says: Watchaollic

    I think it looks great but Rolex won’t release something as close to the PN 6263

    For me the Daytona 3.0 should be much more innovative

    Ring command instead of screwdown pushers for example

    They also realeased a brevet for a phosphorescent Ceramic ( How cool is that, huh ? )

  2. says: george

    great work! As I stated before, there are many people out here who want to revive the Paul Newman models.
    I loose the shiny parts of the case and bracelet.

  3. says: Andy

    He has done a good job and is obviously a talented designer, however, for me that design looks too much like an Omega Speedmaster

  4. says: Niklas

    Thanks for your comments and feedback guys! Yes Luis, I aimed for platinum. Amir, for this version I would say 40 mm.

  5. says: Alex

    Sorry guys, are we in a drawing class here? Not very useful idea to have the tachymeter start at 15 seconds into the stop watch. It takes a bit more understanding to design a watch. There are lots of technical restrictions, and functionality is quite important too (see above), or else blogs like this one will kill the product very quickly.

    1. Alex, why not you as obvious a professional designer show us how the Daytona should look like? Anyhow none of these drawings will harm the icon, we are all having fun here and we are dreaming of a Daytona 3.0

  6. says: Petr

    I like the simplistic retro look. There is the issue w/ location of the subdials, though – they are in line w/ the current daytona calibre and would require a modification of the movement itself.

    Once Niklas moves the 2 upper subdials closer together and a bit up, it will also address mu other concern – lots of free space in the upper half of the dial which currently features on the rolex logo type…

    Then, it’ll be the perfect daytona for me! 😉

  7. says: jan stornfelt

    I think Niklas Bergenstjerna has done a very fine rendering of the ¨new¨ Daytona. Cleaner, less nouveau riche looking than the current models, more Newman like, and if I could suggest anything to this design all I would do is pull the sub dials closer to the center, just a tad.

  8. says: Phil

    Great Idea. If I wasn’t a scuba diver & only wear a Rolex Submariner, I’d buy the Daytona, If It were made with the Panda face.

  9. says: Amir

    Very cool contribution, Niklas! Do you have any feeling on size? This seems to be a dividing line for many on the forum.

      1. says: Luis

        With such a great proposal I assume this is a platinum version. A 100% ceramic version will be cool too.

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