The Watch-Insider´s number one Omega of the year 2014


The 1957 Seamster was Omega´s answer to the 1953 Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, the 1954 Zodiac Sea Wolf and of course the 1954 Rolex Submariner. The first Seamaster case measured 39 mm and it shared its hands with two other iconic Omega watches: The Speedmaster and the Railmaster. The very first Seamaster were powered by the Omega-Calibre 501. After seven years, in 1964, a new Seamster 300 replaced the original Seamster 300. This version was available with or without date indication and its size grew to 42 mm.


Omega Seamster 300 from 1957
Omega Seamster 300 from 1957



So guys, what do you think?

Does the new Omega Seamster 300 Master Co-Axial deserve to be my Omega of the year 2014?

I am sure some of you thought I would  nominate the Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon…  🙂


By the way…

Stay tuned!!!!

Omega will announce on December 9th at 10:30 in Geneva something real challenging for the entire Swiss watch industry!

What Omega plans to do will cause an earthquake! 











23 replies on “The Watch-Insider´s number one Omega of the year 2014”
  1. says: Michael

    Good Morning,

    3 hours to go until Omega is about to annannounce something according to the message above. Will you cover live, Alex?

    Kind Regards

        1. Since also Dr. Christian Bock, director of METAS ( will attend the press conference I expect Omega to announce a new independent and rigid certification for their watches. COSC today no longer covers what Omega’s calibres and watches are able to withstand. Let’s see…

  2. says: Aagney

    Hi All,

    I am looking for buying an Omega Speedmaster Professionsal. Can some one suggest good model in that. I liked Omega Men’s 3570.50.00. Please suggest

  3. says: Guy

    Truly a fine homage to the original look. I am still pleased with my Aqua Terra Seamaster >15000 Gauss.
    Seems as though Omega is sticking to their promise of moving to the Si coaxial as their base movement. A good move, why fight success?

  4. says: Dean L Bump

    Great choice, but I actually thought it might be the Tresor, which I LOVE, with it’s slim, rotorless Master Co-Axial movement. It is the perfect “gentleman’s” or “business” watch.

  5. says: Edwin Tschopp

    Perfect watch (there is no disturbing date). But not in gold or mixed. Only steel is the real thing.

  6. says: Paul

    Hi looking to purchase a watch for my wife for our 20th anniversary. Have a budget of approximately 10000 euro.would like diamonds on the face of watch.could you give some advice on your recommendations please.

      1. says: paul

        Am going to look at the Omega Ladies contellation today?
        Also the Jaegure Lecoultre rendevouis. And the Tag Heure Carrera.

      2. says: paul

        Hi Alex.
        Please help.
        Went looking for my wifes watch and decided on the omega constellation with the co-axial movement 9850 euro. My wife loves the look of the watch. Then went to another jeweller’s and they tell that omega 60% of watches need to go back to the factory to get fixed. Is this true? i like the Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous, This retails in Ireland at 12,700 euro. This is over my budget but would invest if the brand is that much better than Omega.Then the Tag Carrera automatic retailing at 6930 euro. y poor simple head is very confused.My wife would would be happy with my choice. What would you do in this situation. I greatly respect your view.

        1. Paul, I don´t know why this guy told you this horror story about Omega… I can tell you THIS IS BULLSHIT. If your wife likes the Constellation, this is THE watch you two should buy…

          1. says: Paul

            Thanks. Thought as much. People will say anything to get a sale. But wanted to hear it from an educated man.this person was steering me towards tag carrera.which in a beautiful watch also.but the omega sits really well on my wife’s wrist.

          2. says: Paul

            Hi Alexander,
            Just a quick update.Have decided on the Omega ladies constellation to my eye is a very beautiful watch.Thanks again for your advise.

  7. says: Patrick Tacq

    Dear Alexander. I agree and i would have been disappointed had you chosen the ‘grey side’. Omega is doing a fantastic job in ‘re-issuing’ al of its ‘golden oldies’ but as usual, the original remains the favorite!

  8. says: Peter U

    Alexander, how about something unusual like a Urwerk or a Devon watch, what do you think about those watches ?

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