Will Rolex go smart? Wristwatch with atomic oscillator EP 2498151 A

On the server of the European Patent Office I found an interesting entry from Rolex dating back from the year 2012. What would be the purpose to build a wristwatch with an atomic oscillator? Do you have an idea? Let me know!


This is the link to the European Patent Office.  Click  >>> HERE <<<

And this is a link to read the entire document with all its details.  Click  >>> HERE <<<

Is there anyone among you who can explain me what this is for?

What would be the purpose of manufacturing a wristwatch with an atomic oscillator?

An accuracy of +/- o seconds for 100 years?

Where are the techies among my readers? I am curious to learn more! Exercise your imagination! Let your fantasy work!

Thanks for your interesting comments!








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13 replies on “Will Rolex go smart? Wristwatch with atomic oscillator EP 2498151 A”
  1. says: Terje

    It could be that Rolex is looking for expanding in marked as to astronomi, aviation, navigations etc.. or other markeds that need this accuracy?

  2. says: Physicist

    These are the ingredients for an miniature atomic clock, which is on going research world wide. Here is one of the smallest. http://sti.epfl.ch/page-81950-en.html
    Of course such system will drain any battery in less than a few hours, so it’s a bit useless. Not sure why they did patent such device. Note that the patent will probably not hold, since it’s already public knowledge.

      1. says: Guy

        I agree with Physicist’s observations. The optical bits are similar to those used in CD devices so it is certainly can be produced in quantity. But why? Who needs one second drift every 16 years? Great novelty I suppose.
        But as Jeroen notes they do have a patent they can defend and then it becomes who has the deeper legal team and pockets. Apple uses this strategy to great effect to crush their competition.

        The easiest read (?) is an earlier patent http://www.google.com/patents/US20020163394 which explains the science quite well in layman’s terms.

      2. says: Physicist

        Well, depends on what kind of information you would like 🙂 I could go on over many pages on the subject 🙂
        In my opinion, the seiko astron (yes I know a Quartz watch) is the best way to go atomic. GPS signals are based on very accurate atomic clocks

  3. says: Jeroen

    I don’t think they are going to use the patent in their watches, but the technicians of rolex came up with this and for the nearby future there could be somebody else who wants to use this system. They have to turn to rolex first and pay got the patent!!

  4. says: Douglas

    I remember reading somewhere that there is a company in the u.k that makes atomic watches and they claim to be the most accurate timepieces in the world.

  5. says: DimitrisRHO

    this is more probably for the advertising clocks that have all over the world, just a guess…

  6. says: CCN 1410

    For the use of astronauts? LOL
    But I believed it would be interesting. I love watches with accuracy.

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