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  • Hi Alexander.
    Handwound chronos, thinner watches and challenge JLC to make a perpetual chrono handwound.also tell the CEOs that three hand and two hand watches look better without date. Have fun. Looking forward to your posts

  • Hi Alexander, I would like to ask you a not so obvious question. Why doesnt Watch Insider ever report or review on Invicta? All I see are the obvious brands like Tag Heuer, Rolex, Cartier, IWC, Omega etc. Hope its not for the obvious meaning you publish relative to what they spend on advertising per annual year. Because thats they it is perceived in my eye.

  • I want a thinner 4 year calendar watch (could be an 8 day mechanical) 42 mm white gold or platinum (I will pay a fair price). Mostly it must be easy to read*, classy and elegant.

    *A watch I can read at a glance without reading glasses.

    Tell your guys to get on it!

    Cheers, Guy

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